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Felt Lights Garland

Supplies: red and green felt, embroidery thread, glue, scissors

Cost: $0.25 per sheet of felt (mine were scraps), $0.25 for embroidery thread

Time: a couple hours so the glue can dry

Difficulty: Easy

Casualties: Felt not wanting to stay glued, I had to use things as weights to sit on the felt pieces until the glue dried, and Cat chewing on thread. Why, oh, why does my cat love to eat the inedible? Like artificial Christmas trees… Bad kitty!

I made this little felt lights garland to decorate my food table for my party tonight. I’ll post more of the complete table later when all the food is prepared and everything. Yes, I could have put real lights but these little felt ones are pretty cute. I went with red to keep it minimal but you could use a mix of colored felt and have multi colored lights!

First I cut a light template and cut out light bulbs out of red felt. Then I cut green felt rectangles to cap the tops of the bulbs.

I glued the green bits to one side of the red bulbs.

After laying down the embroidery thread I dabbed glue to the other side of the bulb and folded the rectangle over and waited for the glue to dry and taped the garland up to the table.

I still have way more to do for the party tonight but at least I already decorated my cupcakes – they look like cute Santa faces. More to come!

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