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Dixie DIY Christmas: Doily candle holders

Supplies: different sized paper doilies, candle holders, candles, scissors, tape or glue

Cost: doilies about $1.50 to $1.99 for a pack of 20, candles and holders I already had

Time: about 30 min if you use tape, longer with glue because you should let the glue fully dry

Difficulty: Easy

Casualties: None

I don’t have a fireplace in this apartment so instead I’m using it as an opportunity to decorate other surfaces this Christmas. This is my dresser in my bedroom.

I cut some of the bigger doilies to make them shorter and I slightly overlapped the different sizes around the glass.

You could glue the doilies on which would look smoother but I want to be able to reuse these candle holders in some other way later so I just taped them.

The doilies would look cute on votive holders, too.

I found these cool vintage red ball ornaments at an antique mall and scattered them around on the dresser. Luckily I had a few leftover for my tree.

I think I might use these scraps for a card making project later…

If you don’t have a fireplace/mantel will you still hang up stockings? I doubt I will, mostly because I can’t find them in whatever box they are lodged in the far reaches of the garage. What about other special places to put groupings of holiday decorations?

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