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Dixie DIY Christmas: Present Card

Supplies: scrapbook paper, ribbon, glue, paper cutter, scissors

Cost: free for me because I already had everything but you could get paper and ribbon for less than $3.

Time: 15 min or less

Difficulty: Easy

Casualties:  None!

For this “gift wrapped” card I cut patterned paper 5in by 12in. This works best with paper that is not directional.

I folded either side of the of the paper 3 and 1/2 in from either side. This makes a nice 5in by 5in “box” with the flaps overlapping.

On the inside I cut a slightly smaller square with fancy scissors and glued it inside for my message.

Lastly I measured out a length of ribbon to tie around my “gift.” I only glued the ribbon to the backside of the card. To open the card you have to untie and unwrap the “gift.”

You could make a smaller version for a gift card which would be a little more fun to open than just a card cover.

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