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Dixie DIY Christmas: Felt Stocking Ornament

Supplies: red and white felt, embroidery thread and needle, glue

Cost: if you’ve been doing some of the other projects you probably already have all the supplies otherwise you could buy everything for less than $3

Time: about 15 min depending on how fast you stitch

Difficulty: Super Easy

Casualties: At some point I had misplaced my white felt and thought I’d never find it. Obviously I did eventually.

This is a small ornament, only about 3in wide. I drew a quick template for the red part of the stocking and cut out two pieces.

After stitching all the way around the two red pieces I left a few inches of thread still attached so I can have a way to hang the ornament later.

I then cut a rectangle of white felt that is a little more than twice as long as the top of the red part of the stocking.

I put a line of glue along the top edge and glued the white piece with the seam in the back.

Lastly make a loop with that leftover thread so you can hang the ornament or put it on an ornament hook.

This is a really quick and easy craft and also a good use for scraps.

I’ll be spending time with family for Thanksgiving tomorrow but I’ll be back Friday with a new pretty craft!

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