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Craft: Super simple elastic waist skirt

Simple elastic waist skirt
This is a really easy skirt – in theory. I’m sure if I didn’t try to sew it when I was completely sleep deprived it would have been easier. I only messed up about 8 times, getting hems and waists sewn on the wrong side of the fabric. Ugh, ridiculous, I know. In my defense the right side and wrong side of the fabric look very similar.

BUT if you follow these directions, I swear you won’t have as much trouble as me.

Supplies: Fabric (about two yards or twice the length of your waist measurement), matching thread, elastic (I used 1.5 in wide and about 1/3 the length of my waist measurement)

Cost: About $7.00

Time: An hour or so

Difficulty: Easy

Casualties: Ugh…

I had this cool pink and embroidered 45″ wide fabric that I cut along the fold so I just had one big long rectangle. Then I hemmed the bottom of the fabric where the flowers are.

On the upper part I folded over about 6cm, encased the elastic, and stitched the waist band. I pinned the ends of the elastic to the openings on either end so I wouldn’t loose the elastic in the tunnel.

Then just stitch up the back seam and voila! Minimal cutting and sewing and you have a quick new skirt.

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