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Craft room/dining room?

I decided on a whim the other night to reorganize my craft/sewing supplies and try to arrange them in the bookshelves in my dining room. I usually end up in there or in the living room in front of the tube while crafting and Justin suggested I turn my dining room into a craft room.

I didn’t like the idea at first but then I just went for it – ripping out stacks of books, year books, magazines and atlases and trying to squeeze them somewhere in my closet while also trying to fit as much crafty stuff on those shelves as possible.

I still have some books (mostly novels) on there but the CDs, DVDs and most books are in my closet making the wood shelf they sit upon perilously low in the center…

Things of note on the shelves:

  • Half a yard stick that broke a long time ago and the other half has since disappeared.
  • Ugly shoe boxes housing all my tiny fragrance bottles for my candles (I keep the candles tucked in an old vintage dresser thing so my whole apartment doesn’t smell like a mix of fruit and flowers)
  • Two sewing machines
  • Shot glass collection from my travels
  • Good Eats Cook Book. My favorite cooking show ever!
  • Giant bag of wax chips for above mentioned candles.
  • Cute sewing bin holding all my patterns gifted by the lovely Vanessa.
  • And yes, those are my bronzed baby shoes and they are awesome (if dusty on the inside)

I’d like to get more stuff out of my closet and into the dining room but now I don’t like the messy look of the clear containers and old used shoe boxes that most of my things reside in but I still want everything to look neat but visible.

I also want to paint those bookshelves again. After being moved around so much the edges are looking a little dirty and chipped and the first paint job wasn’t that great anyway. Any color suggestions or just stick to red?

Here’s a few pretty pics mostly from some craft room/sewing room groups on Flickr. Click on images for sources.

I love the idea of putting little things like buttons and embellishments in vintage jars or those little spice jars.

I could really use some of these racks to hang things off of. I’m already using one as a pot rack in my kitchen.

Having a pegboard like this would be awesome but I don’t think I have enough wall space.

This is sort of the thing I’d really like for my computer. A little closet or cabinet that you can just close the doors on when you’ve finished. My dining room is too small for anything to have doors that swing open. I also love the wallpaper in the very background. Maybe I could do the same but in my bookshelves (even though you’d hardly ever see it).

I love these shallow shelves for things like paint and glitter… so colorful! And they don’t take up too much space either. I need some sort of hanging rack for ribbon and tape, too.

I’ve also got an idea to use one of those hanging fruit baskets to hang from the ceiling to hold my yarn.

Here’s a few more craft rooms just for kicks.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a giant table to layout all the fabric and pattern pieces. I’d also love this person’s fabric collection and how clean everything is.

The oilcloth desk and the trimming on the shelves are so cute!

Pretty pretty colors and lots of counter space.

Anyone have some good ideas for crafty organizing? Especially for paper crafting supplies and good wall/ceiling storage. Know of some pretty boxes or bins? Anyone want to share their cool craft/sewing rooms/desks/spaces/closets?

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  • I’m afraid I’m not contributing any ideas, just thanking you for the cool ideas I’m going to pick up from this post… 🙂 Especially LOVE the hanging fruit basket for yarn idea! This post is getting bookmarked for when I have a crafting space to organize. 🙂

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