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Built By Wendy

I bought two books yesterday off Amazon after I saw how cheap they were. I’ve been wanting one of (or all of) Wendy Mullin’s Sew U books for awhile.

I own nearly all of her patterns and craving more I found her clothing line and fell in love all over again. If I could define my style with one designer it would be this. Her spring line is coming out in a few weeks and I’m very excited! Not that I plan on buying anything. Way too expensive. But hopefully with this new season the fall season clothes will be on major mark down and I hope I can snatch some goodies.

When I lived in LA I discovered her little store in Hollywood and got all giddy trying on clothes (yes, not all of them looked good on me but whatever). I bought two shirts, both on sale. But still, one of them is the most I’ve ever paid for a shirt. Eek! Did I mention she also makes cool guitar straps?

Let’s all take a nice look at the pretty pretty dresses and outfits from the Built by Wendy spring collection… even if I can’t afford this stuff I can at least make it myself! Cute cute cute.

So now I will be (im)patiently waiting by the mail box for my goodies.

In the mean time. I’m thinking of taking a serger class in town to learn how to properly work my serger I got for Christmas two Christmases ago.

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