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Craft Class

I’m taking an online craft class for 6 weeks hosted by a couple of crafty bloggers I like. There are five projects per week and I’m trying my best to keep up. We’ll see.

Here are a few completed ones:

Inspiration binder: I’m supposed to fill it with pretty pictures and goals.

Colored Pencil Sketchbook: cute little notebook cover with pockets

Photo Frame Wall Art: used some old photos from my mom’s trip to Europe in ’71.

Craft Tool Tote: it was supposed to be an apron but I knew I wouldn’t wear it so I made a bag instead.

Once I finish some of the other projects I’ll post those, too.

I’m thinking of going to see Avatar tonight? I need to stop spending money. I’m broke.

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  • i love your projects! i have to take photos of mine and put them on flickr haha…blah. i’m waiting for my sewing machine so i can’t do any sewing projects yet!! i tried doing some stuff by hand…wasn’t working..

    Yah homes are really expensive here! That’s why I’m looking at the East Side. I decided to buy right away because even the East side is becoming more expensive and I know I’ll be priced out of the market soon.

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