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Craft: Tile Picture Coasters

Supplies: Tiles (I used some crappy marble things. It said marble, doesn’t look like any marble I’ve ever seen), cork backing to keep the tiles from scraping up your lovely surfaces (Ha! Like I even have good furniture), glue (I used Mod Podge because it’s a glue and a sealer), scissors or a paper cutter, and pictures printed on photo paper.

Cost: $5 for tiles (they came in sets of 9 but I only used four for this project), $5 for the cork (I used sticky back cork rather than pre cut cork tiles because I got more bang for my buck), I already had glue and photo paper so that’s $0.

Time: About an hour for everything, or less.

Difficulty: Easy

Casualties: Sticky fingers and smeared ink.

I stole this idea from coasters I saw in a store and was like, “I’m not paying for that shit!” So I made my own versions and it goes a little something like this.

Cut cork to fit the back of the tiles and glue/stick the squares on.

Print out pictures on paper and cut them to fit the tops of the tiles. Hint: Cut smaller than the size of the tile, these tiles don’t have right angle edges and some of the corners aren’t flat and you don’t want the paper hanging off.

Smother the top of the tile with a good slathering of glue and place your picture on top. Let dry then paint over with glue/sealer to give a waterproof glossy top layer. Cover the sides and edges, too, for a complete seal. Your glue might make the sides a darker color so cover everything! Hint: Make sure you let your printed pictures dry fully or else you’ll get ink smudges like me. Also, you might get air bubble under the picture that you’ll have to flatten out to make sure it’s completely dry before you put on the top layer.

Not bad. I think next time I might do sepia tone pictures instead of B&W because it would look better with the tan colored tiles.

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  • Love the instructions. I have been planning to make some of these with famous local signs to give to friends ever since I saw some lady making a killing at lots of local festivals. She was selling coasters that look exactly like yours only with photographs of local signs for $10 a coaster and there were tons of people buying them. So crazy!

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