One Week, One Pattern

Self drafted t-shirt

Ooops, I’m a little late on this one. But I think I have an excuse – I was out of town all weekend for a wedding so I wasn’t able to blog (but I was able to wear my Macaron dress for the wedding. It’s nice to have clothing that serves a purpose in your wardrobe).

The Goal: Anyway, even if I am a little late I have been wearing my “One Week, One Pattern” pattern. If you don’t know what Tilly’s One Week, One Pattern is you can check out the info on her blog or I could just tell you – you pick one sewing pattern that you love enough to create multiple looks from and wear the garments for a whole week (or most of it, anyway).

Self drafted t-shirt

The Pattern: This is a self drafted t-shirt (because you all know I love my knits!) which is similar to this pattern in some ways. I thought it would be good for OWOP because I knew I’d need to make a few versions to get it right and I have some fabrics that I really wanted to use.

Self drafted t-shirt

The shirt is loose fitting (which I love for hot summers) which is slightly cropped in front but longer in back. It’s got a scoop neck and drop shoulder sleeves.

The Fabric: I’ve made two versions so far and I have one left in the mix to sew. This was my first draft that I made out of some bland taupe jersey I bought specifically for muslins but I think the end result looks good enough to wear.

Self drafted t-shirt

The Changes: It took some trial and error to get the sleeves right but next time I’m trying a different approach. Also, some time later this week I hope to try ombre dyeing this shirt. The beige is a little dull for my taste and I want to try this technique but didn’t have any projects in mind. I’m still not sure what color I want, though. I’ll be overdying the existing color so the dye won’t look exactly like the package. I’ll need to test a scrap piece first.

Self drafted t-shirt

The Results: This will be another great top for summer. I’m planning a version in a striped jersey which I think will look pretty cool as the stripes meet at the sleeve cuffs.

Self drafted t-shirt

I hope to finish all three versions I want to make and then draft up a new multi-size pattern. Yay!

Thanks Tilly, for organizing this awesome challenge!

Sleeve Experiments – Simplicity 2956


A few weeks ago, the lovely Rachel from Always a Project sent me a few patterns in the mail. Thanks Rachel!!


So of course I had to try them out starting with Simplicity 2956.

I wanted to try this sleeve design which I had seen on some RTW shirts but that I had never worn or made.


I changed a couple parts of the pattern, though. I made the basic v-neck t-shirt design but I nixed the empire waist (because I usually end up looking preggers) and the bubble hem because it was just easier not to.


This is the third garment I’ve made from this pink jersey. The first was a failed skirt and the second was a failed top with fancy flounces. I didn’t have much luck with either which left me with not much leftover fabric so the sleeves are about 2 inches shorter than they are in the pattern. I had to make due with what I had left.

What I like about the shirt – the v-neck and the little shoulder gathers are a fun touch. Unfortunately I can’t say that I like the sleeves.


Just like with the last top I made I feel like I’m constantly messing with the shirt to get it to lay right. The sleeves don’t look as drapey as in the pattern photo and they seem too poofy at the top. Maybe I don’t like ruffles and flounces and gathers as much as I thought. Maybe I should have worn a shirt in a store with sleeves like this? Maybe I should have made a bigger size for the sleeves?? Maybe it was the curse of the pink jersey!?!


It’s frustrating when things don’t work out when you put so much effort and time into it but I’m not giving up completely. There are other design elements of this pattern that I’d like to try out and I have a couple other patterns that Rachel sent that I can work with. All hope is not lost and at least I used up all that darn pink fabric!

Flow-y Floral Summer T-shirt

Flow-y Floral Summer T-shirt

I love t-shirts. So comfy and easy to wear. And I especially like “dressed up t-shirts.” It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, maybe a different neckline or gathered sleeves or a fun print. Something to make a shirt a little less plain.

I based the design of this shirt on Simplicity 2261 which I used last week to make this green t-shirt. Really, I used the pattern for no other reason than the pieces were still out on my cutting table and not folded up in the envelope. I’m lazy like that. The point is you can make this alteration to any ol’ t-shirt pattern.

Flow-y Floral Summer T-shirt

See, the way this shirt gets it’s flow-y-ness is that I cut the shirt more of a triangle shape along the sides.

I’ve really liked the oversized t-shirt look lately but whenever I try shirts like that on in the store I just feel swallowed in them. Then I realized it wasn’t the “oversized all over” style I really wanted but more oversized, loose looking towards the bottom. When the shoulders and neck are still fitted normally but the rest seems more oversized, then that’s the look that I like.

Flow-y Floral Summer T-shirt

The idea is simple. Take this drawing below for example. Lay down your t-shirt pattern piece (black outline) line it up on the fold like you normally would. Then tilt the bottom away from the center fold, pivoting at the center neckline point. Next draw a new side seam (pink line) that extends further away from the side edge of the pattern piece. Make sure your side seems are the same length on both front and back pieces. Finally draw a new bottom line, blending into the original bottom line on the pattern piece (green lines).

The end result looks like this when flat.

Flow-y Floral Summer T-shirt

As for the other details – the fabric is from Hancock Fabrics, some cool, retro style print poly blend jersey. I made the sleeves from the pattern about 1 in longer and I cut the neckline to be more U-shaped. For the neck opening I made a binding out of leftover fabric.

Flow-y Floral Summer T-shirt

I love this shirt because it’s comfortable and loose on these super hot 100+ degree summer days! Now I’ve made two new tank tops and two t-shirts from knit fabric for this summer’s wardrobe rotation. Oh, and yes, that is the actual color of my yard. A nice crisp, Texas shade of brown. Thanks drought! (Can you tell I’m a little tired of this summer heat???)