Shopping Spree

This is a first for me – I bought fabric online. I have never before done it because I like feeling the fabric before I buy. You can’t do that online but since I figure I have enough experience with knit fabrics by now I decided to give it a chance and ordered some fabric. And then because if I bought more stuff I’d get free shipping I loaded up my virtual shopping cart.

Not everything in the photo below was ordered online. Hancock fabrics was having a sale on Butterick patterns and I needed to pick up more stuff that was on sale anyway. And on the walk down the store isle to that “more stuff” I found this awesome pink jersey on super sale and next thing I knew I was broke (just kidding, but my wallet did take a hit!)


Clockwise from the top left –

  • Super cheap (and super sheer!) Swiss dot from Thinking about using it to make an anthropologie inspired dress.
  • Abstract floral jersey from Going to me a maxi dress but more on that later.
  • Assorted machine needles from Hancock. Because that darn quilt busted up all my needles!
  • Ikat knit fabric from to go along with the Kwik Sew pattern, the flesh tone swim suit lining and the swim elastic (all from Hancock). Once I buy some foam bra cups I can start working on that swim suit I was talking about.
  • Super soft pink jersey from Hancock Fabrics. Thinking about making a maxi skirt but more on that later as well.
  • White and orange trim from At this point I was just trying to reach my free shipping total, ha!
  • White burnout jersey from Same as the trim – I thought, why not? It’s cheap, I’ll just buy a yard. Maybe I’ll make a cool layering top out of it?
  • Butterick 5599 and 5489 – just stocking up while they’re on sale.

I normally don’t buy this much fabric at one time. Nor do I often buy fabric without a pre-set plan already in mind (like with the burnout jersey and swiss dot). Have you ever bout fabric online? Any top picks for fabric sites? Do you ever buy fabric “just ’cause” without a pattern or idea for what to do with it ahead of time?

Renegade Craft Fair Austin

Renegade Craft Fair Austin

I was out of town last year so I missed Renegade but I made sure I went this time around and I’m glad I did! It was crazy! I don’t think I’d ever seen that many artists and crafters in one place. Quite overwhelming. I walked out having spent more than I intended (maybe I’ll share my loot later, I haven’t taken pictures yet) but there was so much more I wish I bought, too!

Renegade Craft Fair Austin

Some of my favorites booths:

  • Viva Zapata makes cool hand bags from recycled bus seats.
  • I really liked Verameat‘s metal animal jewelry.
    Renegade Craft Fair Austin
  • There were several people selling monster plushies but Mr. Sogs was my favorite.
  • McCheek’s Mayhem supplies my need for kitchy ceramics covered in cutesy flowers and kittens. Seriously, I would rock one of those Kitty Love mugs with some hot chocolate. Both funny and grandma vintage at the same time.
  • I have a thing for odd images of cats so I really wanted this Japanese inspired cat tote from Studio Erico.
    Renegade Craft Fair Austin
  • Of course I love the Ryan Berkley‘s hilarious illustrations of animals dressed like people (although my friend Adriane thinks they are creepy, I disagree.)
  • I really wanted a pair of Mukee Design’s earrings made from recycled skateboards but I had already run out of cash at that point, ha!
Renegade Craft Fair Austin

I also liked all the creative booth displays as well. Everything from balloons to hanging feathers and lights, banners, flags, tiny books dangling from strings, even a few trailers inside the building.

Renegade Craft Fair Austin

One thing I loved – this love notes toy dispenser. Way to make things interactive!

So much fun! We spent over two hours there and the place was packed the whole time. Anyone else been to Renegade in your town? You can check out more photos from the fair on my flickr.

Dinosaur Planter – Dinosucculent


A friend and I met up for dinner last night at a hip part of town. Only when I hit traffic that I realized it was First Thursday, an event held on the first Thursday (obviously) of every month in which dozens of artisans and street musicians fill the sidewalks and parking spaces along a main thoroughfare in Austin. Cool businesses stay open late and food trailers abound. Naturally restaurants are packed and the only parking available is that of the slightly illegal variety. (“No, officer, my car wasn’t blocking that fire hydrant. I swear!”)

After eating some yummy burgers and Dublin Dr. Pepper we wandered around the craft and art tents and found this company.

I had seen these dinos before online but I didn’t know they were from Austin.


I walked away with this cute little guy which I call a dinosucculent.

It’s a painted, hollowed out dinosaur toy with a little Echeveria succulent planted in it’s back. Drilled on the bottom are drain holes. They have other dino and animal figurines as well.


I love succulents because they are pretty and easy to care for and I love that this little guy is looking back on himself wondering whether or not to take a chomp at his own spine!

I’m going to bring this little guy to work to spice up my desk.

When I first found these little dino toy planters on the web I added this exact one to my Pinterest page. If you’ve never seen Pinterest it is a sharing site similar to We Heart It only with a better interface, I think.

You have a board (some kind of topic like summer or accessories) and then you pin things you find on the web to your board. I’m using it to clear out all of my random bookmarked websites and images. You can also follow other people’s boards or just browse for information.

You should follow me and if you need an invite just leave me a comment with your email address or email me if you don’t want to share yours. My email is on the side bar on the top right.

New Sewing Book

Ah! I just discovered that Wendy Mulin of Built by Wendy is publishing another sewing book – this time it’s coats and jackets.

I love Wendy’s simple designs and her awesome clothing line (in fact I just bought a blazer from her website not too long ago. I love it!) and I own two of her sewing books (dresses and stretch fabrics) as well as many of her Simplicity sewing patterns. Most of the patterns have been discontinued now, unfortunately, but you can find them on etsy and ebay.

Her books feature about three basic designs and then variations on each that you can turn into your own creations.

The new Coats and Jackets book doesn’t become available until February 22 so I still have time to wait but now I think I finally know what I’m going to buy with my Amazon gift cards that I received for Christmas. I’m so excited!