Cropped Closet Case Kalle Shirt

Closet Case Kalle Cropped Shirt

These pics were taken a couple days before we were inundated with rain from Hurricane Harvey. We’re alright here in Austin. It’s just been a nonstop downpour. I’m hunkered down indoors in the meantime with nothing much to do except sew or read or watch the news. And the news just keeps getting worse.

If you’re looking to help out the victims of the storm, please donate to a disaster relief agency or a local charity.

Closet Case Kalle Cropped Shirt

Back to sewing related topics: This is my second version of the Closet Case Patterns Kalle Shirt.

My first make was a shortened version of B with the popover style and regular collar. This time I made version A – cropped with a Mandarin collar, hidden button placket, and deep pleat in back.

Closet Case Kalle Cropped Shirt

I actually got this fabric from a store in Houston when I went this spring for a birthday trip. It’s a finely woven, cotton chambray (black and white) shirting. Unlike my first Kalle, this fabric is crisp and holds its shape well which accentuates the boxy shape (but also shows more wrinkles).

Closet Case Kalle Cropped Shirt
(hidden button placket)

The hidden buttons are some plain black plastic from my stash. The one visible button is a leftover patina-ed metal piece.

Closet Case Kalle Cropped Shirt

Usually, I wear this shirt with the collar unbuttoned. Next time I sew this pattern I’ll need to make adjustments to the neckline like lowering it in the front. This is probably a side effect of needing some kind of shoulder adjustment which is common.

As it is, if I button the collar it’s just a little too tight. I never noticed this in my last Kalle because I never button the collar on that version.

Closet Case Kalle Cropped Shirt

I didn’t make any fitting changes and because it was my second time making this pattern I finished it pretty quick. The hidden placket can seem a little daunting with all the folding but just follow the instructions and it’ll go smoothly.

Closet Case Kalle Cropped Shirt

The shirt is definitely cropped so if you don’t love that look I suggest sewing one of the other views in the pattern. As for me, my wardrobe pairings are a little limited. I have a few high-waist skirts I can wear with it, or these higher-waist jeans. This shirt may not be as versatile as my first version but since I like the fashion-forward style so much, I’ve made the effort to keep it in heavy rotation.

Closet Case Kalle Cropped Shirt

Could this be a new TNT pattern for me? I should try to sew the dress version next…

Closet Case Kalle Shirt

This is the first garment in several months that I’ve finished just for myself – not for a class, not sewing for anyone else. I liked the design of the Closet Case Kalle Shirt as soon as I saw it and printed it out immediately.

I sewed the popover style view B with the full collar and one pocket. I did shorten the length of both the front and back by about three inches. So it’s longer than view A but shorter than the original view B. I thought that might be more versatile for my wardrobe.The instructions were great – clear with well-labeled pieces. I liked the little tip for forming curved pocket corners and I appreciate a slightly smaller undercollar piece. Details like that make for a good pattern.

The placket goes together well if you pay special attention to all of those indicated fold lines, which I didn’t, ’cause I was lazy. Take my advice, follow the placket instructions carefully and you’ll be successful.

This fun polka-dot fabric is an especially smooth and finely woven Japanese cotton from The Cloth Pocket. I love it! It’s so soft and surprisingly doesn’t wrinkle much for a cotton. It’s so well printed that it’s difficult to tell the front side from the back. It’s thin but opaque, the perfect shirt fabric. I couldn’t find it on their website but if you come across it, definitely pick some up.

Buttons are just some simple plastic ones from Joann. I went with black so as not to compete with the fabric.

This shirt feels like a nice store bought shirt: great fabric, everything inside is finished with a serger, cute and stylish design.

This shirt might be just the thing I needed to get out of my sewing-funk. It’s a simple design with a lot of style which makes it easy to sew but also rewarding to finish.

Next, I’m starting a new historical costume which should be quite a bit of work but I hope finishing this shirt will inspire me to get sewing again!

Sequin Grainline Lark Tee

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been sewing much lately. I’ve had a few sewing setbacks with a couple patterns I’ve tried and I just haven’t been feeling that inspired. But I have made a few things, like this sparkly Lark Tee I sewed as a sample for a class I taught at the Cloth Pocket.

I got the fabric from a swap. It’s a burnout jersey of mysterious fiber content with tiny sequins stitched throughout with clear thread. And before you ask, yes, it is itchy. But only on the hems and collar and not enough to keep me from wearing the shirt. 😉

I didn’t make any changes to the pattern except for grading up a size at the hips. Grainline patterns tend to fit me pretty well although I could probably use a swayback adjustment.

Overall I really like the fit. It’s slightly curved in the waist and the shortest sleeves hit me at a good length. I think this will be my new go-to t-shirt pattern!

So what do you do when you’re not feeling inspired to sew? Do you do something else entirely? Or try to sew something quick and easy? How do you get your sewjo back??

Linden Sweatshirt and Peg Leg Leggings

Grainline Linden and Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg

Both of these garments were made as samples for some new classes I’m teaching here in Austin at The Cloth Pocket. Scroll to the end of the post if you want more info on that!

Grainline Linden and Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg

Let’s start with the top which is the Grainline Linden Sweatshirt. I love everything Grainline does. Their patterns fit me well with just a couple minor changes. I simply graded out to a bigger size at the hip. I like the loose, boxy feels of this shirt which makes it easy to fit on others.

Grainline Linden and Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg

I made View A with long sleeves, cuffs at the arms, and a hem band.

Grainline Linden and Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg

The fabric was free from a swap. I think it’s a cotton blend. The pattern is simple and raglans sleeves are easy to sew so it came together quickly.

Grainline Linden and Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg

The neckline is quite wide and open which I personally like but some of my students wanted a smaller neck opening. Something to consider…

Grainline Linden and Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg

I’ve made the Pattern for Pirates Peg Leg leggings before. They’re pretty basic in that they don’t have any pockets or style lines but I like that they don’t have an outer seamline which means there are only three pattern pieces. The waistband doesn’t need elastic, either, which is a plus. You could seriously sew these leggings up in a couple hours from cut to finish.

Grainline Linden and Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg

I used this fabric from the Cloth Pocket. This time I made the full-length leg version.

Grainline Linden and Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg

I also lengthened the center front to bring the waistband higher. That’s probably a change I’ll suggest in my class as well.


I’m teaching several classes in the coming months so if you’re in Austin and want to learn something new, check it out…

  • Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs – The Peg Leg leggings are a great pattern to show off a fantastic print and with few pieces to cut and seams to sew this makes it the perfect knit beginner class. If you’ve made a couple woven garments but haven’t tried a knit garment yet, this would be a good class for you. This is a one day class on either March 20 or May 1.
  • Grainline Lark Tee – This t-shirt class is an intermediate level for knits. You’ll learn to cut and sew with knits, sew a set-in sleeve in flat, and add a knit collar to a neckline. This is also a one day class that I’m teaching on March 25.
  • Grainline Archer Class – If you’ve read this blog at all, you know I love the Grainline Archer shirt. I’ve made it nine times! My Archer class covers everything you need to know to make a classic button-down shirt over four class sessions April 18, 20, 25, & 27. We’re also offering a men’s shirt pattern alternative if you’re a dude or want to sew a shirt for one. This is an advanced level class so you should have made a few garments before you try this class.
  • Made by Rae Washi Dress – The Washi dress is a beloved pattern by many and is a great beginner dress pattern. You’ll learn how to sew pleats, attach a facing, bind armholes, and sew with elastic thread. If you’ve made a simple garment like a tank top or elastic skirt, this would be a good class to take to advance your skills on a bigger project. This class is held over two class sessions, April 22&29, and May 9&11.

Grainline Linden and Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg