Re-styled Bookshelves

Re-styled bookshelves

Here’s the first glimpse into my new craft room and a little decorative restyle for you.

I have two of these bookshelves that were built by an older gentleman living in a neighborhood near me who made bookshelves for fun.

One shelf is in my closet holding all my paper crafting and gift wrapping supplies and then the other shelf is on a small wall between the door to the room and the closet. It holds sewing patterns, candles and random other stuff. I’m not sure if I want to keep it this way yet but we’ll see.

Dining room/craft room

I first painted them red but after three years the shelves had so many scratches and marks on them they really needed a new paint job.

You can see a picture of the old red color close up (complete with some paint scratches) here.

I sanded the shelves down slightly with an electric sander first.

I painted the original red color on the shelves with a roller which I didn’t like because when the roller slipped it left streaks in the paint in a few places so when I repainted I used white spray paint. 7 cans worth! Ugh, maybe just buying a quart and rolling would have been cheaper.

Then I decided to layer the back of the insides of the shelves with wood grain contact paper.

I had trouble getting the contact paper to stick to the back of the bookshelves without sticking to itself as well.

So to make things simple I put rolled masking tape on the bookshelves and stuck the contact paper (with it’s backing included) onto the tape and smoothed it out. Makin’ it work!

Dress to Tunic Restyle and Me-Made-June Day 12

Dress to Tunic Restyle Before

This dress was another garment packed away from two moves ago that I finally brought out of it’s box. I had a love hate relationship with this dress. I thought it was cute and I liked the color and the flower detail but unfortunately it was a little small.

The waist elastic was always too tight and the dress was relegated to the back of the closet to be lost with the winter coats and bridesmaid dresses.

Dress to Tunic Re-style

So to save it I cut out the elastic and transformed it into a tunic.

I used a raglan sleeve pattern from my Built By Wendy Dresses book for the basic shape. The dress had two layer – a semi transparent over layer with the flower detail that I used for the sleeves and the main bodice of the tunic was made with the more opaque under layer from the dress.

Dress to Tunic Re-style

I carefully cut out some of the flowers and crochet bits from the front and hem of the dress and replaced them on the sleeves and front.

Dress to Tunic Re-style

For the edges of the sleeves and neckline I sewed a very tiny zig zag stitch which mimics a rolled hem, I think. I’m missing the attachment on my serger to do a rolled hem. Lame, but the zig zag works!

Dress to Tunic Re-style

There was one unavoidable problem – since the dress was a little small, so is the shirt. Mainly in the bust area. Luckily the flower detail in front helps to disguise those horizontal lines you get on the bust (although it is still a little apparent).

Dress to Tunic Re-style

Since this shirt is still a little small I may give this top away. I need to find a skinny friend who’d want it. That or I’ll have to lose weight but I doubt that will happen!

Me-Made-June Day 6 and a Restyle

Me-Made-June Day 6
(top – restyled by me / skirt – made by me / shoes – strut, austin boutique / bracelet – thief and bandit)

I’m continuing Me-Made-June a little out of order. My weekend photos turned out bad so I’m probably going to cheat and re-wear my outfits just to take new pics. Turns out my auto-focus on my DSLR lens is broken but I couldn’t tell until I saw the photos on the big screen. Ugh.

So I’m skipping to Day 6 which features not only a skirt I made but a quick restyle (and my first sewing project in my new craft room!).

Dress to Blouse Restyle Before

This pale yellowy-cream top used to be a big billowy dress that I bought at a boutique in town a few years ago. I also bought a belt to go with it.

But belted the dress was way too short and un-belted it was so tent like and looked like a baby doll dress to the extreme! I probably only wore it three times before packing it up.

After unpacking at the new house I rediscovered it and thought I could make some quick alterations to save it from the Goodwill pile.

Dress to Blouse Restyle After

I hemmed it shorter, cut out the lining (which was sewed in pretty poorly) and continued the small vertical folds all the way down the front and back of the shirt to alleviate some of the puffiness.

Me-Made-June Day 6

Much better! I’d like to say I’ll be wearing this a lot more not but while sewing I noticed many more construction issues with this dress turned top.

Some of the threads are pulling out and the stitching in general is sloppy and the fabric itself is ripping at a couple seams. Looks like this was never a well made dress to begin with.

Me-Made-June Day 6

I think sewing has really helped me to pay closer attention to details in store bought clothes and just because clothes come from a cute little boutique doesn’t necessarily mean they are made any better than something from a cheap clothing store. Has this been the case with you?

Re-styled Telephone Table

1950s Chair with table

Do you remember this from way back in January?

Well, here’s the after:

Telephone Table Restyle

To recap the story behind this table – Justin bought it for me for a Christmas Present but it was pretty beat up and it needed work. At first I wanted to wait to restyle the table until we bought a house and I could paint outside and not on my cramped balcony. But four months later we still don’t have a house (not for lack of trying!) so I just stuck the thing on the balcony and sanded and painted.

Telephone Table Restyle

What I changed: Painted the whole thing “celery.” I was going more for mint but that’s what the paint color was called, ha! I used wood filler on some of the big gashes in the wood. And I replaced the entire seat. The wooden seat was cracked in multiple places. Justin was nice enough to cut me a new piece. Then I covered it in foam and fabric.

Telephone Table Restyle

The color change doesn’t look that noticeable in the pictures but it is in real life. The original color was a blond wood but it had so many chunks gouged out of it that I couldn’t just sand it down or stain it. Now it is a very pale green color.

Telephone Table Restyle

For now my little table is sitting by my font door, hopefully to be a mail catcher. You can see more before pictures at the original post. I’m just glad this project if finished! Woohoo!

Telephone Table Restyle