A Quilt, a Bag, and a Cosplay

Despite the lack of posts I have been rather busy with sewing projects this last month. Since none of these are true clothing items, I’m going to lump three smaller projects into one big post!

First up:

A Little Quilt

Orange Yellow Crib Quilt

(a quilt, with bonus Peanut!)

I’ve been cleaning my sewing room and stash busting like crazy lately. Deep in a drawer sat a bag of pre-cut fabric strips which were intended to become a quilt two years ago. Originally I know I had a pattern for the strips but at this point who knows where that pattern is.

Orange Yellow Crib Quilt

I simply sewed the strips together and chopped them up into smaller bits until I had a roughly-crib-size quilt. The back I made by piecing together leftover strips and some other fabric hiding in my quilting cotton drawer. I made bias binding out of scraps.

Orange Yellow Crib Quilt

The only reason I quilted this thing at home myself is because it’s so small and I only did straight lines following the seams. Easy peasy, or as easy as making a quilt can really be.

A Quick Purse

Two-Hour Tulip Purse

I made this bag as a sample for a class I’m teaching at Me & Ewe but I’m surprised how much I like this pattern.

Two-Hour Tulip PurseTwo-Hour Tulip Purse

It’s called the Two-Hour Tulip Bag from Anything But Boring. I made the largest size. It’s interlined with cotton batting but next time I think I want to use some stiffer interfacing and maybe make a firm square removable base, otherwise the bottom doesn’t keep it’s shape when you load up the bag.

Two-Hour Tulip PurseTwo-Hour Tulip Purse

It really is a quick make and it has plenty of pocket options. The bottom of the bag comes together in a neat way to make a point in the center.

Last Minute Cosplay

SXSW is a massive event in Austin that seems to take up the entire month of march. I usually avoid the chaos all over town but I do make the effort to attend the free Game Expo. It’s like a mini game convention in the middle of a much bigger festival/convention/traffic nightmare.

This year, only about a week before the event, I decided to throw together a costume.

Fallout 4 Piper Cosplay

This is Piper, a journalist and wasteland survivor from the post-apacalyptic video game Fallout 4.


My number one requirement for costumes is that I don’t have to wear a wig. Check!

Fallout 4 Piper Cosplay


(btw that’s not a real cigarette, just a rolled up piece of paper)

It was seriously last minute. Most of the costume pieces were bought off Amazon prime (yay 2-day free shipping!) and then altered. I attached the faux suede to the collar and cuffs of the coat and quickly sewed some flannel together for the scarf.

This was only my second real cosplay but I’d say it was pretty successful. Not only did a lot of people recognize me but the whole costume was quick and cheap to put together. Win!

***BTW, in case you’ve missed me, I’ve been posting a bunch of other small projects I’ve been working on over on Instagram if you want to follow along.

A Little Quilt and a Big Thank You


Hey peeps, I’m back! Sort of. I just finished the binding on this little quilt. I’m almost embarrassed. My IRL sewing friends always give me flack for going to the dark side – quilting! But ever since I discovered that I didn’t have to quilt the darn thing myself it was like a whole new world opened up!

I got the simple pattern for this for free and I just so happened to have four coordinating fabrics in my stash (some of the only quilting cotton that is in my stash) that would work well for this pattern.


I think all the prints are from the same collection, there’s foxes and woodpeckers on trees and the “Friends of the Forest” tree with a bunch of cute animals. I had enough fabric left that I made bias binding out of the woodpecker print. The two bias tape tools I have are some of my favorite things in my sewing room. I love that I can whip up my own bias whenever I want.


With credit for long arm quilting, already owning the fabric and having extra batting around the house this quilt feels like it was free (ok, I had to pay for the back).


The quilt is pretty small, it’s more like a big baby quilt and the print is kind of juvenile, too. I don’t have any babies around lately to give this quilt to. Maybe in the future it will be a gift. For now it’ll just have to be satisfied with being another couch quilt.

Also, thanks for all the thoughtful comments on my last post. I really appreciate the support and while I know it’s a touchy subject I certainly don’t want to alienate anyone. I think you get what I mean so no more heavy topics, let’s get back to more sewing, right!?

Quilting and Teaching

Liberty Quilt

I’m back! And just in time to get my new quilt back from the quilters. Thanks so much to my friend Susan (aka Miss Lulu) for guest posting while I was away on vacation. If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen all my Boston pics.

This is my second quilt I’ve made that I got quilted at Remnants using their long arm quilting service. Uh-oh, I think I’m becoming a quilter!

Liberty Quilt

It’s not that exciting – I made it using a kit and a pattern. All the fabrics except for the light blue panels are Liberty of London prints (did you know they had a line of quilt weight fabrics now?). Basically I loved that I could use bits of all the wonderful prints!

Liberty Quilt

I did get a little creative – with some scraps I made a stripe on the back side, just for fun.

Liberty Quilt

And for some reason I though it would be a good idea to hand bind the entire quilt. Yeah, probably won’t be doing that again. Major props to people who hand quilt! Such patience that I do not possess.


Spice Market Tote

In other news: I’m teaching a class at Remnants! If you’re in Austin (or near enough to come visit) you can take my new Amy Butler’s Spice Market tote bag class on Saturday, June 8th at 12-4pm or Wednesday, June 19th at 6-10pm.
This isn’t just your ordinary tote bag. This one is big, strong, and packed with interfacing to make it hold up to whatever groceries (or even small children) you put into it. The thick straps wrap all the way around to the bottom seam and are reinforced. There are interior pockets, too. Even Amy herself says this is the bag of hers that gets the most use and it’ll be your go-to bag, too.
If you’ve made an Amy Butler bag before you know that she includes thorough instructions and professional finishes. If you’ve never tried an Amy bag before this is the perfect one to start with and a great canvas for fun prints.
The class is recommended for advanced beginners and up – those who can at least cut out pieces and use a sewing machine. You really don’t need much experience at all.
You can sign up online or by going to the store or calling 512-821-1511. The class is $35 and you get a 15% discount on your total purchase if you buy the class and supplies together.


Well, it’s good to be back home. I’m gonna snuggle on the couch with my new quilt now!

A Time Saving Quilt, plus cat pictures!


I made a quilt recently – a real live pieced-into-squares quilt. I’ve finished (which is the key word here) two quilts before but this one is different – it’s a “normal” quilt, meaning I used a pattern with regular ol’ quilting cotton fabric (no weird fleece monsters made from scratch).

It’s kind of a big deal because I normally don’t quilt because it takes so long to finish but there’s a new quilt store in town close to where I live where I bought all the fabric (kind of ikat themed) and the pattern (this one, sans border. the patterns are printed on post cards).

But the most important thing was that I didn’t actually quilt this quilt myself. The store, Remnants, has two big long-arm quilting machines.


If you’ve never seen one before they’re big, long (this one was probably 10ft) machines that wrap the layers of the quilt (back, batting, top) taught and a sewing machine arm kind of floats over the whole quilt stitching everything together.


The end result is perfectly quilted (you can even pick from several stitching designs) and all you have to do is take it home and bind it yourself. Amazing!


This is really a game changer for me and quilting. Clothes sewing is still my focus and I may never crank out quilts like I do garments but if I feel the desire to make a quilt for myself or others this whole long-arm thing really makes a difference. My last quilt too me months to make. This new quilt with a very simple design took me about 3 days of my own sewing time. That’s nothing!


Which has got me thinking about patience in sewing. I’m completely impatience when it comes to sewing quilts but am I also impatience with clothes? Do I avoid sewing certain garments because they’re too tedious or require slow construction methods like hand sewing? Do I cut out linings from dresses because I think they’re too hot in the summer or because I don’t want to take the time to sew part of a garment that will never be seen? Do some of my projects turn into UFOs because I dread the amount of time it will take to complete something complex?

I do love instant gratification projects (knit tops with no darts, Scout tees, patterns with only a few pieces to cut out) but am I missing out on having a great learning experience by sewing something like a detailed trench coat or jeans with lots of top stitching because I don’t want to take a month to work on a project?

Do you have “project impatience” like I do? Has it kept you from finishing or starting a new pattern or project? Is there something I can do to fight it? I’m trying to be more relaxed in general lately when it comes to sewing, maybe that should include not stressing about sewing that may take more time than I usually want to spend on one garments.


Oh, well. In the mean time I’m just gonna chill on the couch with my cat and my new quilt!

Update: Since some of you asked, the cost of the long-arm quilting was $0.015 (one and a half cents) per square inch. My quilt is 60in by 45in so my quilt was about $45 after tax. That might seem like it would add up quick but I totally think it was worth it. I never could have done the stitch pattern that they made on my own machine and it saved me sooooooo much time. I’m not sure how much other stores charge for this service.