DIY Jewelry Projects, or activities for a 17 hour road trip


Last Christmas I sat in the back seat of a compact car for over 17 hours driving from Texas to Ohio. Yes, I, too, wondered “What the hell was I thinking?!?” So to pass the time I brought a little box filled with tools and supplies and an iPhone with the Pinterest app and set out for some fierce back-seat-jewelry making!

Since then I also made a couple other pieces included in this post. And luckily for you, you can make many of these yourselves! All of the supplies can be found at your local craft or bead store. I bought the rhinestones on Etsy.


The bird’s nest with wire and beads diy is from Sincerely, Kinsey.

Quartz crystals like these are popular right now. I was lucky enough to find crystals with findings already inserted into the rock at a local store so I could  simply slip the pendant on a chain. If you can’t find crystals with findings, there is a good tutorial on making a wrapped crystal pendant at Seablanket.

I took a class recently with a friend for creating metal jewelry. The copper disk with stamped stars is my creation. I added a copper feather I had, just for kicks. There’s a DIY for something similar (using the same tools and techniques) at Ornamentea.

Chain and Rhinestone Bracelets

I love the look of these rhinestone and chain bracelets. See how to make them at I Spy DIY. The only problem I faced was that the space between each rhinestone never seemed to match up with the chains. The first one I made (bottom) is slightly curved because I ended up having an extra chain link on one side.

Wraped Bead BraceletWraped Bead Bracelet

There are a ton of tutorials about these wrapped bead bracelets. I like this video but it’s pretty long. The first time you make one of these try to use round beads. My first attempt used odd shaped blue beads which were hard to work with. The beads kept tilting to the side. Once I finished the first bracelet, I knocked out the others in a few minutes. You can get pretty fast at making these!

***More sewing coming tomorrow!

Using Scraps: Jersey Finger Knit Bracelet

I found this great idea from V and Co. to make a cute bracelet from strips of knit fabric. What a perfect way to use up my ever growing pile of jersey fabric scraps!

strip of fabric for bracelet

V and Co. gives plenty of instructions, even a finger knitting video if you’ve never done it before or if you need a refresher.

finger weaving

I made my bracelet with the two finger method.

cutting off the tails

My first bracelet was too big (I forgot the key component of this fabric – it stretches!) so I made a second, smaller bracelet.

Vanessa suggests you tie together three 1″ by 58″ strips but I managed to only use one strip for my smaller bracelet and about 1 and 1/4th strips for the first, bigger bracelet. Keep in mind, if you do a three or four finger weave you will obviously use more fabric.

Cute and summery – and so easy to make, too!

Feather Earrings

Just a quick jewelry project I made a few days ago – kind of a Native American feel that I’m liking lately. They are easy to make yourself with a small amount of colorful seed beads, jewelry wire, earring hooks and feathers. I bought mine online at Gem Junkie.

I love when it takes more time to take photos of the craft, edit them, upload them and then blog about them than is does to actually make the craft itself.

Macrame necklace

I saw this fun bohemian style necklace idea on PS I made this and wanted to make my own. PS I made this has tons of easy and fashionable project ideas to create and the blogger even has her own book! I rummaged together some beads, chain and twine like string for the macrame bit.

I haven’t done finger weaving since I was, oh, 5? So it took a bit of trial and error to remember how to do it properly and the photos and short directions on the tutorial had me confused at first but then it all came back to me and I weaved the necklace in just about 10 minutes.

If you never learned or you have forgotten how to finger weave and need some extra instruction, this video can help (there are plenty more on you tube, as well).