First Coat of the Season

Simplicity 4109

Well, sort of. This is more like a slightly cropped, three quarter sleeve jacket, but since it never gets too cold in Texas, this counts as a coat!

Can you believe that with all my undying love for Wendy Mullin’s designs that I didn’t own this pattern (Simplicity 4109)? Now it is out of print so I tracked it down on ebay. There is another one of the Built by You coat patterns out there that I simply cannot find for less than $30, whoa!

Simplicity 4109

I used this wool fabric that I bought at a recent estate sale and while I did “pre-steam” it ala Sewaholic’s tips for sewing coats, I should have dry cleaned the fabric because it still smelled musty. Instead I dry cleaned the finished coat at an eco-cleaners in Austin (which I prefer to regular dry cleaning because they don’t use such harsh chemicals and therefore it doesn’t have that terrible nasty chemical smell that I despise).

Simplicity 4109

I loved the pattern. It is a boxy shape (no darts or curves) so I know some might not like it but to me it’s modern and it’s a coat so I don’t expect to look super svelte. I really liked the bell sleeves (cut on the bias) with the front facing seam (as opposed to a regular under arm seam). Some may not like the big sleeves either but it fits my style and I like how it shows off the plaid pattern.

Simplicity 4109 Simplicity 4109

The only change I made was to add a lining which was difficult for me because I rarely make linings. I worked with the facings included in the pattern so I had to cut my new lining pieces to fit. First I finished the raw edges of the facing with black bias tape, serged the edges of the lining, then layered the facings over the lining (wrong side to right side) and stitched through. If the wool hadn’t been so itchy I could have gotten away without the lining.

Simplicity 4109

I think the design is cute and different from a regular jacket or coat. It almost has the look of a cape and I think it would be cute in a heavy knit with an added hood.

I want to make the other version of this pattern maybe in a nice twill, something that I wouldn’t have to line.

I love the Built by Wendy asthetic – sort of casual refined with modern cuts that are youthful and easy to make your own. Maybe I will shell out the $30 for that other BbW coat pattern? I suddenly feel the need to complete my pattern collection!

Simplicity 4109

Have you ever sewn a coat or jacket? What is your favorite coat pattern? I’m looking to make a few different designs for this season.

Rorschach Blazer


I may have a contender for the prize of craziest fabric ever sewn. I don’t know what compelled me to buy this fabric. I think I found it at Hancock Fabrics although I bought it sometime in July and now I can’t remember very well where it is from. I do know that I was smitten immediately and at the time I wanted to make a printed blazer and thought this would do the trick.


It is a medium weight twill with a green and orange on white print that reminds me of a Rorschach test. Pretty wild!


I made the jacket using a blend of two patterns: Simplicity 2250 (I made a denim version last April) and Simplicity 2340 (for the curved collar on version C, which I realize is difficult to see in these photos, sorry!).

The 2340 jacket design was a little too boxy for me and I love the more curvy shape of 2250.


Basically, I layered the front pattern piece of 2340 over the front piece of 2250 and matched up the shoulder seams. I also shortened the overall length by about 4 inches to make it more wearable with different outfits.


The jacket isn’t lined because it never gets extremely cold here in Texas so I wanted to get some wear out of it in the warmer months as well as fall/winter. That’s also convenient because both patterns I used aren’t lined either (well, version C is lined but it is a vest not a full jacket) and I’m too lazy to make my own lining, ha!


Cynthia Rowley Denim Jacket – Simplicty 2250

Cynthia Rowley Denim Jacket - Simplicty 2250

For a little pre-birthday outing, Justin and I ventured to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in South Austin. It is a lovely place full of native Texas plant gardens, streams, meadows and nature trails. Unfortunately, my camera battery died shortly after taking these pictures. At least it had enough juice left to grab a couple shots.

Anyway, at the fabric store I went through two different bolts of blue fabric and there wasn’t enough fabric left for this jacket on either bolt (I wanted just the right blue color). In the end I settled on using what was left on one of the bolts and figured I’d make it work.

Cynthia Rowley Denim Jacket - Simplicty 2250

When I got home I found that I had enough fabric to cut out all the pieces except for the inside facing in front. The jacket isn’t lined except for the very front panels. Instead I used some old striped cream fabric that I had leftover (yay for using scraps!) for the inside. I like the contrast.

I chose not to make the belt (I probably didn’t have enough fabric anyway). Plus, with the two layers of fabric and one layer of interfacing in front, tying a belt would have made the fabric bunch up in an unflattering way.

Cynthia Rowley Denim Jacket - Simplicty 2250

I also chose not to add the shoulder pads because well, I’m to lazy for that. But it’s okay because the jacket is stiff enough without them.

I made the dress from this pattern a couple weeks ago but while the jacket was a success the dress was most certainly a fail.

Cynthia Rowley Denim Jacket - Simplicty 2250

This jacket is so simple and it took me less than a day to make it from start to finish. Too bad it’s going to be too hot to wear it outside soon.

Oh, well. I’m off to make birthday cupcakes now. Don’t forget to enter the vintage pattern giveaway! One day left!