I Like That Lamp – DIY Lampshade Kit Review


This post is all about stashbusting. I had made some curtains out of a light weight quilting cotton for an apartment I lived in, like, four years ago, and since then they’ve been sitting unused in my stash since they no longer had windows to cover.


When I Like That Lamp offered me a lampshade kit to try out I knew I wanted to use this old pink floral on lime green fabric. I used the large size kit which is 12″ in diameter and 12″ high but you can make your shade shorter if you want.

First of all I want to apologize. I took several in progress photos of the lampshade making progress but a few days ago my phone broke and I lost all the pics I had taken (moral of the story – back up your pics and don’t buy a Samsung GS4!).

Luckily if you get a lampshade kit it comes with an instruction sheet that’s easy to follow.


The kit comes with two metal rings for the top and bottom of the shade, adhesive styrene (a white flexible plastic that sticks to your fabric), some glue (which is plenty for this project), a pointy stick to help set the fabric edges, a handful of binder clips (which are nice ’cause you can re-use them on sewing projects that you can’t use pins on, like leather, see, I’m thinking ahead…).

It was super simple to assemble – cut your fabric to size and stick the styrene on a few inches at a time. I didn’t have any trouble getting my fabric flat and it was easy to smooth any bubbles.

Then using the glue you slip in the top ring and fold the extra fabric over the edge, encasing the ring. This took the longest time because I would wait for sections to dry enough to remove the binder clips. You do the same for the bottom ring.


One thing I did was use some of my extra fabric and created 1″ wide bias tape (which was actually on the straight grain, it doesn’t matter because the tape won’t be under any stress) using my bias tape maker. With the raw edges folded in the tape is only 1/2″ wide.


I had so much extra glue that it was easy to attach the tape to the top and bottom edges which covered up the raw fabric edge that was tucked under the back and created a nice clean line at the top and bottom. Plus, when I’m sitting down I can look up at the lamp shade and see the bias tape on the inside looking all nice and professional. It’s a great touch that makes it look less homemade.


After I made my shade I loved it so much I decided to cut some more of my old curtain panels and sew new shorter panels for my sewing room window. The lime makes a good accent color to all the pink and coral in my sewing room. I just got a simple tension rod to avoid having to get out the screwdrivers. 😉 If I ever have a kid I really hope it’s a girl ’cause I really don’t want to re-paint this room and make new curtains, lol.

I still have about a panel and a half left of curtain fabric – quilt pieces or throw pillows anyone!?

Big thanks to I Like That Lamp for making me like my lamp!

***BTW, I like that Lamp is offering 10% DIY Lampshade Kits at their shop from now until the end of September. Use the code DIXIE13 at checkout.

Texas State String Art

Texas String Art

It is my experience that if ever you have a good idea, someone else has already done it. Coughsuzannecough. Ok, well, I may have had the idea but seeing hers gave me the motivation to do make it myself.

Texas String Art

The idea is simple – take a board, I used particle board (it doesn’t warp like plywood can) which they sell in pre-cut 2 ft by 2 ft squares at big box home improvement stores; spray paint it; pick a shape, I printed out the shape of Texas across 6 printer paper pages and taped them together and cut it out; tape the shape to the board and use finishing nails to create an outline of the shape; take out the paper and run string back and forth all over the shape, I used thin crochet thread.

Texas String Art

I would have added a heart on Austin like Suzanne did on her Wisconsin but Texas is a weird shape and wouldn’t work well with trying to pull string in one direction from the edges. I just make a hot mess of string instead.

Texas String Art

It’s cute! And it sits on my mantle which is nice ’cause I didn’t want to have to add a wire on the back to hang it. (that’s my sparkly garland leftover from Christmas)

Texas String Art

Christmas Wreath and Giving Thanks

Gold Christmas Wreath

I have been sewing this past couple weeks but it’s always those elusive pictures that give me trouble, especially since the sky gets darker earlier – less time for natural light photography. In the mean time I’m posting a project of a different kind and taking a moment to give thanks. For those of you outside of the US you may not know but this Thursday is our big national holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s a time when we gorge ourselves on turkey and pumpkin pie and watch parades and football on TV. But really we’re supposed to spend time with friends and family and think about everything we are grateful for.

So this is my sewing/blogging/creative related thank yous. I’m grateful for all of you! Thanks to the people I’ve met in real life and have become great friends, those who I know only from blogs and email. Thank you to everyone who reads the blog (and whose blogs I read). Whether or not you comment I still appreciate your presence (I know it’s hard to keep up with so many blogs and comment on each). Thanks to all those who have bought/used my patterns. Thanks to those who share them. Thanks to those who design their own patterns and alterations. You inspire me!

Thanks for allowing me to waste hours at a time catching up on reading blog posts. Thanks for always giving me more cool techniques or details to apply to my next project. Thanks for making me want to knit or try something hard like tailoring or sewing pants. Thanks for keeping my sewing-to-do-list longer than the United States Tax Code. Thanks for making me swoon over the most beautiful printed dresses as well as the otherwise plain, but exceptionally well constructed black pants. Thanks for giving me Pinterest overload. Thanks for making me smile when I see your happy faces in pictures of your newest creation. It all makes me feel very connected to this community in a way I cannot fully explain. Thanks for challenging and supporting me.

Gold Christmas Wreath

Ok, enough sappy stuff. Here’s a wreath I made while celebrating and early Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s fam. When it comes to holidays I’m surprisingly traditional. I like classic colors and motifs. Unfortunately my orange door doesn’t lend itself well to Christmas green and red so I made a gold themed wreath.

Gold Christmas Wreath

Here’s my supplies:

  • One grapevine wreath (they’re the best for sticking picks into).
  • Two bunches of sparkly balls attached to stems. I cut each individual stem off and wrapped it around the wreath. I probably got about 16 individual stems.
  • A package of about 20 wooden sticks, covered in glitter and curled on the end.
  • One bunch of plastic-y, glitter-y leaves that I cut apart into individual stems.
  • Four glitter pine cones on picks.
  • Two glitter birds on picks
  • A package of gold plastic ball ornaments (don’t use glass, that’s a mess waiting to happen!). I used five of each style.
  • Gold wire ribbon for the big bow.
  • Hot glue gun to keep the ball ornaments in place.

I bought everything at Hobby Lobby except for the leaves, bird and pine cone picks which I got for cheap at Joann. I think it’s festive for the winter holidays but doesn’t clash with the orange.

Gold Christmas Wreath

One good thing about making a new wreath – I finally got off my lazy bum and cleaned my door – it was covered in spiderwebs, dirt, leaves and dead bugs, ew.

Ok, I’m off for the next couple days to spend time with my family for Thanksgiving – funny story, last year at Thanksgiving I was jumping on a trampoline with my little cousins (about 5 of them under the age of 12) and my jeans ripped! Like, an un-fixable crotch rip. I’m not surprised, they were old and most jeans get worn out in that spot. The bad part was I hadn’t brought any other pants. I spend the rest of the day in pajama pants. Yeah – no trampoline for me this year…

The Big Reveal, or, now I remember why I hate painting so much

Painted Craft Room

You’ve seen my craft room before. I did a big post on how I organize everything a few months ago. You also saw my sneak peak. But now you get to see it WITH STRIPES!!!! (insert maniacal laugh here because this paint job drove me insane)

Forgive me, the room has been finished for a few weeks but it wasn’t clean enough for photos until recently.

What do you do when you want to paint your room but can’t decide on a color? You use all of the colors!

Painted Craft Room

I like the stripe effect because I get a little bit of every shade. The dark is on the bottom so it doesn’t overwhelm this small room and I think the lighter shades leading upward make the room seem taller. Well, that’s my personal non-interior designer impression of it.

Painted Craft Room

Someone noticed last time that the paint colors match the blog design and she’s right and I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection when I picked these colors. I must really really like coral. The bottom three colors were taken straight off a color card and the top pink was an oops paint at the store as a discount and it just so happened to be the color (or close enough) to what I needed.

I’ve painted a lot of apartments in my life (and painted them back to white when I left) but over time I’ve grown less and less inclined to spend a few days buying supplies, taping, painting layers, cleaning rollers and waking up with a stiff shoulder.

Painted Craft Room

I think this is the pinnacle of my disdain for painting. I did two walls at a time and shoved everying up against the other walls so space to paint was limited. I used two rolls of tape and because of the lines I could only paint two stripes of wall at a time like the top stripe and the third. Then let those dry then re-tape and paint the second and last stripe. Because I had to wait for stripes to dry the process took far longer than a I had enthusiasm for.

Now I remember why I didn’t buy a fixer-upper house – because I hate painting! If Justin wants to paint any other room in this place he can do it himself.

Painted Craft Room

But the result is pretty cool so I guess I’m glad I stuck it out and finished!