DIY Christmas: Hot Chocolate Peppermint Spoons

These spoons would have made extra special party favors if I could have located my clear plastic treat bags.

These spoons are for stirring in hot chocolate or coffee on those cold winter nights and in the warm liquid the peppermint chocolate will infuse into your drink making an already great treat even better, yummy! These are plastic spoons so you don’t want to run around dipping them into boiling fluid or anything like that but if you’re really worried you could go buy metal spoons at the thrift store and do the same thing.

To make these stirrers you need a bunch of spoons, chocolate chips (melted), and crushed peppermints. You could buy a packet of pre-crushed peppermints. They sell it to make peppermint bark this time of year but it’s cheaper to crush your own. I put a handful of those little round mints between two paper towels and mashed them will a rolling pin.

First just dip your spoon into the chocolate then sprinkle with or roll the spoon through the peppermint bits. Let cool on wax paper in the fridge.

You can buy little clear plastic treat bags and stick a spoon or two inside and then tie a pretty ribbon around the bag and spoon handle. Which is what I would have done if I had found those darn bags. The bags, like so much else I own, is lost somewhere in the closet or the garage. Luckily in about two months I’ll be moving to a more permanent residence and I’ll fully unpack and organize all my crafty supplies.

Instead I just arranged them in a wine glass and when the guests left I put a spoon in a little snack size ziplock bag. Not as cute but it still works!

DIY Chirstmas: Santa Claus Face Cupcakes

I had a bunch of these at my party on Friday and I had to keep convincing people to eat them because they kept saying the cupcakes were too cute to eat. It’s food, people! Eat it!

To make 24 cupcakes you need

1 box white or yellow cake mix
2 tubs icing (I used cream cheese icing because I like it but obviously plain white works just fine)
Pink and red food coloring
24 black or brown jelly beans cut in half for eyes (you could use blue or green or whatever)
12 pink jelly beans cut in half for the nose
24 red paper cups
Piping bags and tips

Bake your cupcakes in the paper liners according to the directions.

In one tub of icing dye it a very light pink. I only used one drop. Cover all the cupcakes with a thin layer.

Next, dye the rest of the pink tub with red food coloring. I hear if you use the gel kind of coloring and let the icing sit for awhile the color will deepen. I wasn’t that patient. With a big circle tip inside fill an icing bag halfway with red icing and make Santa’s hat by piping across and back in a zig zag over the top third of the cupcake (make sure you leave some room for the white part of his hat.

Then, with a smaller tip (I used a Wilton #3) and white icing in a bag pine a tight zig zag along the bottom edge of the hat. Add the poof on top of the hat with the same tip, just hold the bag in one place and keep squeezing until the poof is big enough.

Using a bigger circle tip and white icing I made the mustache and beard. For the beard I just made a series of big elongated blobs of icing.

I had some leftover sparkly red writing gel that I drew a smiley mouth but you could just as easily do the same with the red icing with a very narrow circle tip.

Stick your jelly beans on the middle of the face and you’re finished!

Wilton has lots of decorating tips on their site if you’ve never piped icing before. Really helpful.

Funny story, one cupcake was sitting too close to a candle on the table and Santa’s beard melted off!

Killer Cake

I’m going to be out of town this weekend for a family celebration, part of which includes a Murder Mystery dinner party/surprise birthday party. The murderers are also the birthday girls. My job was to make the cake.

The cake is two layers of red velvet, cream cheese frosting and red gel “blood” writing complete with “gunshots.” I think the bullet holes are the best part.

First attempt at rainbow cupcakes.

If you’re wondering why I’ve been MIA it is because I have been on another massive road trip and adding another 5,000 miles to my Kia. I have since returned to a half way moved in apartment that was desperately in need of being unpacked and made livable. So naturally what was the first thing I did when I got home? Make cupcakes. Don’t ask why.

I wanted to take this cake decorating class with a friend because the class itself was so cheap but then I realized you had to buy all of your own supplies so I discarded that idea for awhile.

Then I remembered “Oh, duh. I have tons of supplies from my birthday.” So it looks like cake decorating 101 is on my to-do list again.

In the mean time I had a strange urge to make cupcakes – rainbow ones that is. I have gel food coloring which produces paler colors than the other kind (forget what it is called) so my cupcakes came out pastel but the insides matched the sprinkles that I used so they turned out pretty darn cute.

They’re just store bought cake mix divided into separate bowls with a few drops of food coloring in each. Yummy!

I promise I’ll soon return with more action. I’ve been sewing up a storm since I got back but I need to make some time to take proper pictures.