Quick DIY – Chain Earring Display

I’m moving (eventually, who knows when!) and I’ve begun the great purge of junk from my apartment that I don’t want to lug around to a new location. I started with my bathroom. I used to house makeup and earrings in a basket on the sink countertop but after tossing old make up and brushes and things I know I’d never use again I decided to stop using the basket all together and opted for a smaller cup to hold brushes and things.

But then what to do about all my earrings?

I found an old broken necklace chain at the bottom of said basket and pinned it up on the tiny bit of free wall space in the bathroom.

You need a chain with links that are big enough to easily slip earrings through. I make a zig zag to give enough room for the earrings to dangle. I left parts of the end of the chain hanging down for stud earrings. The loose chain makes it easier to remove the backs of the stud earrings.

It’s a nice way to display earrings in a small space and make use of something that was just sitting around gathering dust. Oh, and yes, there’s also a couple fancy bobby pins in there and, yes, I am missing an earring up top. I’ll find it one of these days…


I’m working on a new dress made from scratch (although it is based on an existing design) that I hope I can finish tonight and take pictures of tomorrow!

Dixie DIY Christmas: Felt Tree Skirt

Supplies: 1 and 1/3 yards of felt – the width should be at least 24in (mine was 72in, and I had plenty of felt leftover for flowers!), small jingle bells, needle, thread, yard stick or long ruler, pen

Cost: $3.00 for felt (on sale), already had bells but a small bag will run you $1.50.

Time: about 2.5 hours, depending on how fast you can cut

Difficulty: Moderate

Casualties: my cat now thinks that under her tree is her bed.

I wanted to make a tree skirt for my white tree in my bedroom (I have another tree in the living room) so I bought some more felt. So. Much. Felt!

To make a 24in diameter tree skirt I luckily had a two foot long ruler handy. I folded the felt in half and marked a center point on the fold and placed one point of the ruler on it. Then I made marks at the end of the ruler with a pen as I pivoted the ruler around to create a half circle. I cut it out, unfolded and had a full circle.

I folded the circle into a 1/4th wedge and used the same idea with the ruler to cut out the center circle for the trunk/pole of the tree. I also used this time to smooth out the outer edge of the felt (my circle wasn’t perfect, oh well).

After unfolding the circle again I cut one line along the fold from the outside to the inner circle so I could fit it around my tree base.

Using similar templates for my poinsettia wreath I cut two different size flowers out of the scrap felt and layered the small flower on top of the bigger one.

My skirt fit 25 flowers spaced slightly apart.

I attached the flowers like I did with the wreath, this time with little silver bells.

Thanks for reading along with my little holiday craft-a-thon. If you did any of the crafts featured here over the past weeks please let me know!

Felt Lights Garland

Supplies: red and green felt, embroidery thread, glue, scissors

Cost: $0.25 per sheet of felt (mine were scraps), $0.25 for embroidery thread

Time: a couple hours so the glue can dry

Difficulty: Easy

Casualties: Felt not wanting to stay glued, I had to use things as weights to sit on the felt pieces until the glue dried, and Cat chewing on thread. Why, oh, why does my cat love to eat the inedible? Like artificial Christmas trees… Bad kitty!

I made this little felt lights garland to decorate my food table for my party tonight. I’ll post more of the complete table later when all the food is prepared and everything. Yes, I could have put real lights but these little felt ones are pretty cute. I went with red to keep it minimal but you could use a mix of colored felt and have multi colored lights!

First I cut a light template and cut out light bulbs out of red felt. Then I cut green felt rectangles to cap the tops of the bulbs.

I glued the green bits to one side of the red bulbs.

After laying down the embroidery thread I dabbed glue to the other side of the bulb and folded the rectangle over and waited for the glue to dry and taped the garland up to the table.

I still have way more to do for the party tonight but at least I already decorated my cupcakes – they look like cute Santa faces. More to come!

Dixie DIY Christmas: Pom Pom Garland

Supplies: small fuzzy pom poms, embroidery thread, scissors, needle

Cost: $1.99 for pom poms, $0.25 for embroidery thread

Time: only a few minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Casualties: Cat potentially eating pom poms

I had a bag of little white pom poms left over from a never even begun project several months ago and I wanted to use them up. Since I finished this garland project I’ve seen similar versions all over the place from other blogs to on tv. Kind of like the muffin tin advent calendar – it seems as though every good idea had already been imagined by someone else. Oh, well, it is still pretty cute and simple.

All you need to do is string the pom poms on some embroidery thread to create the garland. You can space them out or make one continuous line of pom poms of different shapes and colors.

I like the white because they remind me of little snow balls.

You can put them on your tree or in my case I draped them from a doorway along with some tinsel garland. I have a cat so I couldn’t let the garland dangle too low or she would have an unhealthy snack.

Please ignore the mess – that’s the boyfriend’s study… it gets dirty. I’d make a curtain to cover that doorway but we’re moving in about a month so there is almost no point. But in the meantime it can look pretty for Christmas!