Gift Wrap Scraps

Christmas Cards using Gift Wrap

If you’re like me then you hoard even the smallest bits of leftover gift wrap because some day, some time you know you’ll need them for all those super tiny boxed gifts you’re going to give (only I never have small boxed gifts! ugh!).

Here’s another way to use up those scrap pieces instead of dumping them into the recycle bin.

Use them as background for Christmas cards! I made these cards to resemble wrapped gifts with tags. Inside they’ll hold gift cards. And since gift wrap is already holiday themed you don’t have to buy fancy Christmas card stock.

I think the last day in the US to mail cards for on time delivery is tomorrow so if you need a quick last minute card (I’m raising my hand!) grab your gift wrap supplies and make one!

***I’m leaving town soon but I’ll be back next Monday to start the Sew-a-long! So grab your PDF pattern while you can!

Peppermint Candy Pillow DIY

Would you like to make your own holiday peppermint pillow? Well, you’re in luck! Mandi from Make it Dear was sweet enough to ask me to contribute a craft for her Holiday Time Tuesday series. A new festive craft project each Tuesday until the 20th. Check out her fun tinsel wreath and another contributor’s awesome chalkboard paint mugs.

I made a this pillow with fleece and tulle. Even my boyfriend thinks it looks pretty awesome (and he’s always a critic).

***Oh, and if you’re looking for more crafty holiday inspiration I did a whole series last year called Dixie DIY Christmas. Some of my faves include the Santa face cupcakes, glitter glue ornaments and the muffin tin advent calendar.

Holiday Gift Guide For Those Who Sew

A couple years ago my boyfriend’s mom (also a sewer herself) smothered me in awesome sewing supplies for my Christmas present. It was awesome!

Remembering that got me thinking – what are some good gifts to give to someone who sews? Especially if the gift giver isn’t that familiar with sewing?

I hope this little guide might be helpful to those who want to wish a very inspirational and creative Christmas to someone special!

Let’s lay some ground rules first – like buying clothing, personal style and preferences of the recipient can be hard to predict unless you know the person really well. So I don’t recommend buying fabric, trims or patterns for the sewer on your list. Neon green floral poly satin may not be her preferred fabric choice.

But every sewer will love useful tools and refilling her stock of supplies!

(source: zipit)

Try parking yourself at the notions aisle of your local sewing store and create a grab bag of items like multi size packs of universal machine needles, packages of elastic, zippers in different lengths and colors, snaps, bias tape, all purpose thread, etc.

Some supplies she may already own but it never hurts to have more than one around – especially when you’re knee deep in a project and you just cannot find that darn seam ripper! A magnetic pin cushion, rulers, thread clippers, really nice scissors, and of course, seam rippers make great gifts.

But wait, all these utilitarian products aren’t making you excited about shopping? Trust me, sewing enthusiasts would love to have all of those little things but if you want to go above and beyond here are a few ideas that will really make her happy –

  • A top of the line cordless iron. Sewers are always ironing and having a great one can really make the process easier.
  • Ginghers. This company makes very nice (but also expensive) cutting tools. The dressmaker’s shears are a classic.
  • A gift certificate to her favorite fabric store. Sure, gift cards aren’t the greatest but if you get one to a local indie store rather than the big box places it will be more special.
  • A gift certificate to get her machine serviced. You’re supposed to get your machine serviced and cleaned up once a year but I know that I often don’t get around to it, partially because of the cost. This is a thoughtful idea for the budget sewer.

Want some more creative gift ideas?

“How Much Fabric”? Reference cards. These pocket size cards are on a ring and are easy to carry around in a purse. The charts estimate how much fabric you might need for a given style of garment. These are especially useful when a sewer is at a store, spots the perfect fabric for that pattern she just bought but can’t remember how much fabric the pattern called for.

Mind Your Own Beeswax Thread Conditioner. This company molds its conditioner into fun little shapes. You run your thread across the little beeswax shapes to make hand sewing smoother. Good for hand basting, slip stitching, catstitching and more. You can order it here but you can probably find it cheaper from other websites. You might also find it in independent sewing stores.

Vintage Patterns and notions. If the recipient likes vintage style this could be an option. Check out estate sales, antique stores, ebay, and etsy. You can often find patterns for under 3 bucks a pop. Don’t know her size? That’s ok, it is expected that the sewer will have to make adjustments with old patterns. Just pick a few that you like for some instant sewing inspiration.

Hey, what about books?

Books are a great idea for gifts and are easy to find. Here are options for different levels of sewing experience.

Well, that about sums up my little holiday gift guide for sewers. Please, help me add to this list by commenting with your own ideas of what sewing presents you would want for Christmas?

One Yard Wonders Oven Mitt and Hot Pad


I have finished quite a few present for this Christmas but they’ve all been pretty easy. I still have a bunch of projects in the halfway or not-even-started stage. I’m a little nervous that I won’t finish everything because it’s so much work.


This gift set was fairly simple. I used the mitt pattern from the One Yard Wonders book paired with some Christmas themed Alexander Henry fabric I got from the store where I intern. I’m giving them to my friend before Christmas so she can have some time to display them.


Miss P offers a great idea on her blog on how to make your own perfectly measured bias tape with masking tape and I took that same concept to make my quilt line guides.


One snag in the project – my seemingly thick batting smooshed down so thin when I quilted my fabric so I had to double it up. I made the mitt first so my fabric had already been quilted with the top fabric, then batting, then inside fabric. So because I’m lazy, rather than add the extra layer of batting and re-quilt it. I just cut another layer of batting and inside red fabric and layered them inside without quilting. It works. 😉

I was also too lazy to change my serger thread, too, I just realized. Gosh, I’m a terrible gift maker. Haha!


I made the bias binding from the red button fabric.

What a fun and an easy way to show off cute fabric and trims! Making holiday themed decor is really getting me in the mood for Christmas.

Are you doing any holiday crafts this year?