About Dixie

Hi, I’m Dixie and I make things. I’m a twenty something living in Austin, TX with my sweet and caring husband, Justin, and my mentally unstable cat, Peanut. You might see them on the blog every once in awhile.


This blog chronicles my creative experiences – mostly sewing but occasionally other crafts.

Craft Room 3

I started this blog in 2008. In the beginning Dixie DIY was more personal and since then the content has become more refined and less like a journal.

I’ve been sewing since I was 10 but I didn’t get a real sewing machine until I was 15. I finally upgraded to a better machine, learned how to use a serger and now I’m drafting my own patterns. You can check out some of my projects in the side bar. I’m currently challenging myself to learn new skills, like historical costuming.

Same Fabric, Different Skirts

I work part time at a local fabric store and I often hang out with other seamstress friends in my “sewing group.” If you’re in Austin you should come visit us.

Thanks for stopping by!