Burda Style Book Blouse #3

Burda Style Book Blouse

The Goal: This shirt, my first version of this pattern, is my most worn and most favorite shirt I own/have made. I sewed it back in August of 2012 and it’s starting to show it’s age. If I didn’t wear that top so much it would probably have a longer shelf life.


A few weeks ago I noticed the fibers pulling away from the stitches on the center back seam so I sewed the seam allowance a little tighter but that fix doesn’t help the problem of fabric straining on that spot. The fabric is just getting worn down.

I know eventually that seam will be the death of my beloved shirt so I decided I need to make a replacement.


The Pattern: The base blouse pattern from The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook. Having made it twice already I was pretty confident I could make it again easily. For the number of pieces in this pattern it came together remarkably quickly.

I love the longer sleeves and the peplum. Most of all I love that it’s a peplum shirt I can put on without a zipper and adjust the drawstring however I want.


The Fabric: A cotton voile from Form&Fabric. It’s City Lights Night by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics (look who saved her selvage…).


The Changes: The cuffs are slightly shorter than the original pattern. I combined the front and back yoke pieces into one so there’s no real shoulder seam.


And I cut down the top of the sleeve cap because it seemed so tall. On my first version I kept the original sleeve piece but I usually have to iron down the gathers else I get this high shoulder pouf that I don’t like.


To accommodate that back seam strain that I had in my first version I added a little more width to the center back and sewed narrower seam allowances.


Also, this isn’t really a change but I wanted to use a ribbon rather than cutting bias strips and sewing my own drawstring. Unfortunately I didn’t have any black ribbon long enough. This green one is just temporary until I buy a replacement.


The Results: Just like my other two, I love this shirt! And I hope it will last at least as long as the others in my wardrobe.

  • colesworth

    fantastic viole, it made up very nicely into the top ;o)

  • I can see why it is a favorite. I love the shape. Very cute top!

  • Mrs. Smith

    I really like it! Looks perfect!

  • Adorable! I made this same pattern too. But it was a little shirt on me. I needed a FBA. Your looks perfect and I like the jeans on you too!

  • What a great blouse! And that fabric is just perfect! Thanks for holding on to the selvage 😉

  • Thewallinna

    Oh, keep the green ribbon, please! It looks very nice in contrast with the fashion fabric.

  • This looks really great and I love the drawstring feature of the peplum. This fabric is really pretty too!

  • sallieforrer

    Beautiful fabric, and a beautiful top! Gotta make multiples of those beloved patterns!!

  • I like this one the best!

  • Amanda

    Beautiful blouse! I really love how the voile works with this pattern. And I agree – keep the green ribbon! It adds a really nice contrast to the fabric. 🙂

  • lisa g

    i can see why you’ve loved this pattern so much, it’s such a classy silhouette! love this version, the fabric is just perfect

  • aahh yes this is a great pattern! Loving your white version as well. I almost bought this fabric from Form&Fabric but talked myself out of it in place for something else…sigh….

  • www.tresbienensemble.com

    This blouse is wonderful. I really love the print you used this time around. It looks fabulous

  • I adore the silhouette of this blouse. So pretty!

  • Caroline Joynson

    Super cute on you and your hair looks great too!

  • DDDiane

    I love it. Looks fab on you. Overall, would you recommend the Burda sewing book? I’m a quilter who is just getting into garment sewing, so kinda lower-intermediate level? I have the Colette book, but I haven’t sewn anything from it yet.

  • Gosh. What a great blouse. That fabric is amazing. The colour totally suits you. I have that sewing book and I’m yet to make anything from it. I’d never thought to make the blouse I always looked a bit meh. But you’ve inspired me. Great make!

  • Amanda Adams

    The drawstring peplum is pretty much the best idea ever. Love how versatile this is, Dixie 😀

  • I like the brighter colour for the drawstring, though I am thinking that picking up one of the print’s colours would be best.

    Beautiful shape for you.

  • Heather Beaton

    Love this top, the shape and the relaxed fit with drawstring is just perfect. Very inspiring!

  • Thanks!!

  • Thanks, yeah maybe I could try a yellow ribbon instead. Even if I don’t like it it’s easy to switch out.

  • Thank you! That’s def the best part of this shirt. 🙂

  • I’ve made the shirt and the bag pattern. A while back I started to make the moto-variation of the jacket but never got far. I think I got my money’s worth just with the three blouses, tho. I like that you don’t have to do much fitting with the blouse so long as it works in the shoulders because the drawstring does the rest of the fitting for you.

  • Honestly I’d go through the Colette book first, it’s better for garment beginners and each chapter+project teaches you a new skill or two. Colette’s also gives you some nice references on useful terms and how different types of fabric will drape. I think it might also have some info on fitting which I know Burda doesn’t really have.

    The Burda book gives you a basic intro to garment sewing but that book is more about styling your own variations on a few basic pattern designs. They give you five patterns but then features a couple ways of altering the pattern to make a new look.

    You already know how to sew but garments can be pretty different from quilting and I think the Colette book is better for transitioning. Burda is better for advanced beginners, I think.

  • Aw, thanks!

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you very much!

  • Thanks, unfortunately Form and Fabric is closing soon 🙁 I just went there and bought some more fabric yesterday, everything’s on super sale but I’m still sad to see them go.

  • why, thank ya! i like that the pattern design is kinda fancy but the drawstring keeps it comfy.

  • Thanks a lot! I might just keep the ribbon now, lol.

  • thank you! i like it a bunch, too!

  • thanks sallie, now that I think about it I don’t know if I have any other patterns that I’ve made more than three times (well, except for the colette macaron). This is def a TNT pattern for me.

  • thank you, heather!

  • thanks! yeah, burda doesn’t really accommodate the larger busted ladies (but then again, not many companies do) so I could definitely see how that would make for a shorter top.

  • thank you!

  • thanks a bunch, lady! 😉

  • thanks, art gallery have been putting out a bunch of really nice (and soft) voiles lately.

  • Good to know. I’m more inclined to make it knowing the fit is pretty straight forward.

  • DDDiane

    Thanks so much! Other than quilts, I have made a few totes, one woven dress and one knit dress, and I’m learning what I would do differently next time for a better fit. I have a few quilts to finish for Xmas gifts, but then I’m going to hopefully sew myself a Colette spring wardrobe! Love your blog!