McCall’s 6278 Vlisco Print Dress


The Goal: Well over a year ago I ordered six yards of Dutch wax print fabric. It seems like for awhile my friends and I all fell head over heels for Vlisco’s lovelies after following Cathy’s Treadling in Benin blog.

I originally bought the fabric for a specific purpose but it seems that I will never get around to that so rather than let it sit sad and lonely in my stash I had better use it. Oh, and this fabric only comes in pre-cut amounts, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought SIX YARDS of the stuff. From HOLLAND. So shipping was… well, what you can imagine. I probably only used about one yard for this dress.


The pattern: McCall’s 6278, which appears to be already out of print even though it’s only a couple years old. The only other make I’ve seen has been Closet Case File’s stunning red and silver version.

I loved the cool angular look and the ability to color block made me feel better about not having this giant print smother me.

But man! Those points! I’ve sewn pointy points before but these ones at the hips take the cake. Afterwards I realized what I should have done was fold under the seam allowances on the side pieces, layer it on top of the printed fabric, and topstitched. All those side pieces are topstitched down anyway (seam allowances are pressed toward the side inserts) and I could have avoided unnecessarily snipping my seam allowances on the printed fabric.

And the finicky points made a bulky mess of things. I steamed the heck out of those points to get them to be as smooth and flat as possible.
I must have cut out the pieces when I bought the pattern and then forgot about it. I had cut a size 12 but I should graded to a 14 in the hips.
The Fabric: As of this writing this print is still available in the sale section of Vlisco’s website (and for way cheaper than what I paid)!
The contrast is a solid navy cotton sateen with a bit of stretch. It definitely helps tone down the bold print but the navy also blends a little too well. The pointy side pieces almost disappear next to the body fabric.

The Changes: Other than letting out the side seams at the hips, not much. I ditched the full lining (this pattern wants you to fully line the interior exactly the same as the exterior so technically you could make this dress reversible if you so desired. I finished all my seams and added a neck facing instead.

Oh and I used a regular zip rather than an invisible ’cause I accidentally bought a regular one instead.
Oddly, there’s no back vent in the skirt. It’s not constricting to walk in but it would have been nice to have a small slit.
The Results: Justin, always the insightful commentator, said I looked like a psychedelic flight attendant. Whatever that means…

It fit’s well enough. A wee bit tight in the bum and I’m sure this dress could have used a sway back adjustment (although looking at these pictures, perhaps I don’t need one) but it’s not a huge issue. The back neck gapes a tiny bit but only I would probably notice it. Also, the front neck is a little high but not a deal breaker.

Other than that I quite like it! The style is unique and the print is a show stopper, seriously cool design. I probably wouldn’t make this pattern again but I’m glad I gave it a try.
  • This is smashing on you!! What a great use of that print.

  • Wow that is gorgeous! Now I’m totally tempted to buy that print…

  • What’s up with the waxed prints? Sonja just made a dress with fabric from the same retailer! You two are conspiring, aren’t you? 😉

  • liza jane

    Cool! Love those wax prints. I have one that I don’t have the nerve to cut in to.

  • Super cute, I love that print!

  • What a great print/pattern pairing! Looks amazing 🙂

  • OMG i need this dress! as an aside it is also very flattering, and a brilliant use of such a bold print.

  • I love this! Really awesome. I think it looks nice with the subtle pointy side pieces.

  • Seher

    This dress is very beautiful:)

  • Amanda Adams

    I love the angular lines of the pattern- it works so well with the fabric. Rocking this, Dixie!

  • Dawn Redmond

    Beautifully done! It looks like an upscale designer dress to me!

  • Cat Does It

    smart! and the length is lovely 🙂

  • that’s a seriously great print and I love the mix of fabrics so as not to look overdone on the print. Great tip re sewing points too

  • i think it’s brilliant. but now i wanna see it with skyscraper heels, skyscraper hair, and a little neck scarf. for which i must sincerely thank justin.

  • I love this (especially with your flapper-ish haircut!) I never did return to this pattern even though I quite liked the shape because of the POINTS OMG THE POINTS. Glad I’m not the only one who got frustrated!!!

  • Emily Ventures

    What a beautiful print. I think the pattern was a great choice – the color blocking is really flattering and stops the print from overwhelming you.

  • sallieforrer

    I’m only just now cottoning on to this whole Vlisco African wax print madness! Where have I been?!?! Love your dress. This print is amazing! And I love the pattern you paired it with. Kinda sad it’s out of print – it really does have a cool, retro-futuristic vibe to it!

  • devra

    i think it’s a great marriage of print and pattern – but i am curious. how did you pre-treat the fabric? was it one of the prints that is very waxy? or was it close enough to “normal” cotton that you treated as usual?

  • Hey thanks. It definitely had a slight sheen to it but I just prewashed it like normal cotton in the washer on cold. None of the colors ran and it softened a tiny bit. Seems ok to treat like regular cotton.

  • Thanks! I blame Cathy’s Benin blog and my friend Susan for spreading the Vlisco love around.

  • Thank you! Yeah, I don’t know if I’m brave enough for that print all over me. 😉

  • Thanks for noticing the hair, lol. And yes, those terrible points! I swear there has to be a simple way of sewing those.

  • Omg, I totally need a neck scarf! And maybe a vintage pan am carry on bag filled with LSD.

  • thanks linda!

  • Thank you, Amanda!

  • Why thank you. I’m really glad I finally made it after it had been sitting in the stash for a few months.

  • Thanks! Normally I don’t make dresses without waists but this dress is pretty curvy with those side panels so it’s not sack-like.

  • Oooh, thanks for letting me know. There’s a connection there – my friend Susan got me into Vlisco and apparently she also told Sonja they ship to the US. They have so many beautiful prints.

  • Thanks lady!

  • Thank you! You should totally buy it. 😉 Or better yet, buy a different print and we can trade, I’ll send you a couple yards of mine, and you can send me some of yours. Better value that way considering they make you buy 6 yards at a time.

  • Super cute! I love the way the side points echo the print and the way the print moves on the dress. Would have pegged this as a Vogue pattern with all that piecing!

  • Very cute I love the way the points come to the middle of the dress.

  • Melissa Mora

    I LOVE this! I might have to see if I can convince you to part with some of that fabric.

  • Adriane

    Justin was spot on with the psychedelic flight attendant call!

  • Yep, totally understand the need to acquire that fabric, regardless of postage $$ the yardage. It’s awesome! That version by Heather is one of my all time faves, for sure. You’re both rocking it!

  • I can’t believe that a Vlisco print and this pattern could be combined to make such a fabulous dress. It looks great on you!

  • tinygoldenpins

    This is amazing, something I’d expect to see in a high end boutique. And, it looks beautiful on you! Well done!

  • This is such a perfect pairing of fabric and pattern. The points look so great with the pointy design in the fabric! Awesome!

  • Beautiful dress!! It looks really chic, yet still really wearable. I love it!

  • Adore this dress! Also, your hair is looking so damn chic.

  • Heis Islief

    Nice dress! Do you know that a little famous dutch designer made this print, michiel schuurman:-)