Mustard Folded Mini Skirt


If you follow me on Twitter you saw my in-progress version of this skirt. I started and finished it all in less than four hours while at work in between customers.


I followed Small Things’ tutorial to make my own folded mini. This skirt is so cool she’s even making a full graded pattern and everything for it. It should be out in the next few months. I was impatient and couldn’t wait so when I bought this mustard ponte from The Common Thread here in Austin I knew I wanted a folded mini now instead of later.

From looking at Lisa’s samples I could tell that the skirt might be a little short so I added 18 cm to the length of the front and adjusted the lining and back pieces accordingly (18 cm is the distance between the folds, easy to add another row).


I think the resulting length is perfect. I added a waist band that’s about 2″ wide and it sits a little lower than my natural waist. I’m 5’6″ so that gives you a pretty good idea of the length of the skirt. I made the waistband a little shorter than my low waist measurement so I didn’t need darts in the back or anything, I just stretched the band to fit the skirt and it all held together. I might go back and top stitch the band’s seam allowances. The SAs don’t seem to know if they want to sit up or down. They need to be controlled, lol.


Making the folds required a bit of practice at first but then I got the hang of it. In the end my folds don’t look exactly like Lisa’s but I think it’s ok. I stitched down the folds to the lining at about every other fold. I didn’t follow Lisa’s method, I kind of made it up as I went along. When I’m not wearing the skirt the folds kind of fall apart but when it’s on me they stay nice and intact. My folds are a little lumpy but I think that might be due to my thick fabric. It’s a double knit not a jersey like Lisa’s skirts.


The skirt is nice and snug which I like. There’s no ease at all in the design which worked fine for this pretty stable knit.

To sum it up I really like this skirt. I love the color, I love that it’s knit and stretchy, I love that it’s a solid but still interesting too look at (I have too many print skirts that make them hard to match with tops). I can already tell that this skirt is gonna get a lot of wear!

Thanks Lisa for the great tute and I can’t wait to see your finished pattern!

Same Fabric, Different Skirts

PS: Miss Lulu, Susan and I all fell in love with this fabric and we each made a different skirt from it! How fun!

  • This is super cute! Thanks for the tip about the tutorial, i hadn’t see it before. I really love the photo of all three of you in your mustard yellow 🙂

  • Ha ha! You three are triplets! You all look great! I love the detail on the folded mini. Heading over to check out the Small Things blog. So exciting she’s starting to make patterns. 🙂

  • House Of Pinheiro

    That’s such a cool style. This colour is delicious…

  • Gail

    So cute! I really love how you styled it too, with the white tee and neon necklace!

  • lulumiss

    Yay for threesies, threesomes, whatever the triple of twinsies is!! Mustard 4eva beeotches!

  • Teresa Behr

    Super cute skirt. I love the color and all of those folds. It is very flattering!

  • Anne-Marie Faiola

    Super cute design – and the color is super flattering on you! =)

  • HAHAHAHA that pic turned out great! Love it. And topstitch those SAs girlie, show ’em who’s boss…

  • portia lawrie

    Ooooh….likey! Mustard is just such a delicious colour! I love that all three of you have different skirts from the same fabric. I’ll bet people would do a double take if they saw you out together!

  • Angela So

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your skirt! The last picture with the Susans is fabulous, too! I now I want use my mustard ponte for a skirt, too. Hopefully I’ll have some leftover from my pants so I can make a skirt. 🙂

    I love Food Heads, too… but haven’t been in awhile. Thanks for reminding me!

  • How flipping cute you three are. And your skirt is mighty lovely.

  • Erin

    Love it! Looks so gorgeous! I really like that pattern I might have to check it out. So glad the fabric arrived!! xx

  • Amy

    Hey, she’s in my hood! Cute skirt idea, looks like a perfect easy summer thing to wear.

  • Skirt looks great! The color looks really nice on you. The skirt looks comfortable too.

  • stephanie u.

    Way cute!! That’s a really cool pattern.

    Awwh, that is such a cute picture of you three!

  • rhgarza

    Hot, hot, hot! Awesome skirt, Dixie!!

  • Scruffybadgertime

    Awesome!! It’s so effective, I love it and the colour you’ve chosen. The mustard really shows off it’s wondrous folds. And I looooove the last pic with the three of you 🙂

  • Alessa Farbenfreude

    Cute skirt, the folds add a nice interest! And I love the pic with the three different mustard skirts!

  • How fun that you all wore your skirts together! Great skirt, Dixie!

  • sallieforrer

    Aw I just love that last picture!! Super cute skirt! The folds are so interesting!

  • honderdsokjes

    It looks awesome on you Dixie, and you’ve paired it so well! The skirt will be available in two lenths, the longer one about the same length as yours!

  • honderdsokjes

    That ‘guest’ below was me, Lisa 🙂 Disqus is giving me some trouble.

  • Aw, that picture of the three of you is so cute! I love all three skirts. Your folded skirt is so interesting, just perfect in that fabric and color.

  • sewamysew

    Love the fabric and the pattern! I’ve started to make some single colour pieces too because I can’t wear anything I make together. I totally get it.

  • Amanda Adams

    Freaking. Rad. I love this pop of sunshine and the folds are all kinds of awesome! And the three of you together? Summery awesomeness!

  • Thewallinna

    Lovely ladies, nice skirts! You should advertise for that fabric store ; ) I bookmarked this tutorial ages ago but, as usually, there are much more things I wanna make vs. time to execute!

  • Great skirt! I love the colour as well. Really summery 🙂

  • Prizmah Fashion Bllog

    Lovely Necklace!

  • Ahahaha! Love the pic of you guys in your coordinating skirts! This is so cute, and I love the mustard color!

  • i’m gonna make those seam allowances my b****!

  • hey angela! we need a group pic with your pants, too!

  • it was funny, only a couple people noticed, that’s including long stares that we judged to be noticing. it was pretty fun to all wear them together.

  • thank you megan!

  • thanks, yeah, i can’t wait to see what the real pattern looks like.

  • haha, yeah, mustard’s pretty popular with us gals.

  • ugh, i know what you mean about too many things on the make list but not enough time. thanks!

  • so much summer!! thanks amanda

  • yes! i need more solid color pieces to mix and match. can’t just keep wearing different shirts with jeans or the same top with my skirts.

  • thank ya kelly!

  • awesome! well, when it’s released i’ll definitely be telling everyone about it. 😉

  • thanks clio! yeah, we had a fun time sporting our mustard skirts.

  • thanks!

  • I’m loving this skirt, and am definitely going to make my own in the very near future! I’m only 5ft though, so I can probably do without the extra length!

  • Tatiana

    Hi Dixie, this skirt is really nice, loved the color! Just a quick question, how do you sew a ponte knit? with the same stretch stitch used for knits or with a regular straight stitch like wovens? Thanks a lot!

  • I used a zig zag stitch. I’d only use a straight stitch if I didn’t need the fabric to stretch at all, like maybe for a blazer. But for the skirt it had to stretch over my hips.

  • Trollemor

    I have been eye balling this pattern at Paprika for, well, since I saw it allmost a year ago. They kept promising that the pattern would be out soon, but unfortunately it has not come out yet. And the tutorial was to frightening for me to even get started on, But now that I have seen youre version I am not in doubt that I HAVE to try this out, pattern or no pattern! It looks sooooo nice!
    Thanks for the peek, and hey! Would be super fun if you would stop by my blog:

    aka Stitches & Pearls 😀