A Hazel for Easter

Victory Hazel Dress

This dress took me longer to complete than other more recent makes. It wasn’t a difficult pattern but I was just taking my sweet time and practicing the “sew 15 minutes a day” idea. I was working slippery charmuese and I was never totally in the mood for sewing it but working on it in small sections helped me not get frustrated and eventually it came together just in time for Easter (my Macaron is hanging up at Fabricker as a sample so I needed a new “church appropriate dress”)!

The Goal: To sew something, anything, to slowly pull myself out of my sewing-funk – success!

Victory Hazel Dress

The Pattern: Victory’s Hazel which is a cute beginner level, kind of loose fitting dress with a bow tie and style lines that make a great canvas for color blocking. I cut a size 4 but the arms were too tight (not surprising, it’s a usual adjustment for me with tight sleeves) which made me wonder if I should have gone up a size but then when I look at the dress it fits perfect everywhere else. Even the darts are perfectly pointed. I guess it’s just an arm thing.

Victory Hazel Dress

The Fabric: A pink/coral and navy silk charmeuse. You know, most of the time the clothes I sew wouldn’t necesarrily be any cheaper than what I could buy in a store but because this is an all silk dress, I know I’ve saved money by making it! I didn’t have enough coral to do the bow so I made that in Navy.

Victory Hazel Dress

The Changes: Nothing other than making the arms slightly larger which was easy because the instructions have you attatch the sleeve cap before sewing the side seams so adjusting the arm width was easy, just sew a narrower seam allowance.

Victory Hazel Dress

The Results: It’s a really nice dress! I like the colors. I hand stitched the cuffs on the inside and I got to use my machine’s blind hem stitch for the bottom of the dress. It’s not perfect but it’s a cleaner look than a regular hem.

Victory Hazel Dress

I’ve already worn this dress twice and got lots of compliments – score! 😉

  • katherine.peter

    Cute dress. It really suits you. The colours are very eye-catching (in a good way!)

  • I love the two tone in this dress its looks awesome! I have the same problem with victory patterns being smaller of my arms/shoulders but good everywhere else. You did a great job its very pretty and looks super comfy! Might have to copy your idea with the colours!!

  • Suzanna Wilson

    This is really pretty, I love the colours you chose

  • Jessica Cooper

    I love the color combination you chose! I made this pattern back in January, and I had the same issue with really slim sleeves. I fixed it the same way too! Other than that, this is a lovely pattern, and your version of this dress is beautiful!

  • asewingodyssey.blogspot.co.uk

    Oooh, it’s lovely! The style and colours look amazing on you…so tempted by this dress now! By the way I’ve just finished up my version of your ballet dress pattern…blog post coming soon ;o)

  • savorystitches

    I love this, it’s gorgeous on you! I have a similar color combo in linen waiting to become a color blocked Colette Laurel – I’m even more excited about making it now.

  • lisa g

    gorgeous! love the color combo.

  • Cathy Bundy

    I bet you got lots of compliments, it looks amazing!

    Lots of love

    Caffy Bundana

    @ http://www.bundana.blogspot.ie

  • Wow, I would never think to put coral and navy together but it looks fantastic! Well done.

  • The first word out of my mouth when I saw the first pic was KA-UTE! Which is not so much a word as an exclamation of delight. Far and away my favourite version of this dress so far. The colours are perfect and it looks great on you. A reminder to make one for myself??

  • liza jane

    Very pretty! I love the coral/navy combo. I bet the silk feels wonderful to wear.

  • Gorgeous! I love this! What a great color combo– it looks really fresh and cool!

  • dokucug

    Really beautiful! This pattern has been on my list since it came out. Not sure why I haven’t made it yet, but yours is inspiring me to get to it!

  • Oooh it’s lovely. It’s funny how seeing a different take on a pattern makes you want to buy it. I wasn’t really drawn to this pattern till now 🙂

  • So cute! Love the color combo.

  • it’s very cute! i love your color combo.

  • Angela So

    It looks fantastic on you and the colors are great!

  • Bedelos Helene

    I totally agree with everyone!! You look great in this dress and the colours are just perfect!

  • And I’m not half surprised – it’s particularly beautiful on you! Love the softness of the peachy silk mixed with the strength of the navy – and a navy necktie was perfect for balance. You look really lovely 🙂

  • Love the colour combo you chose for this dress! You look awesome in it!

  • thequirkypeach

    This is sooooo cute! Definitely will have to remember this color combo – two of my faves! Why didn’t I think of it before 🙂

  • thanks amanda! i’m glad other people are liking the colors, too.

  • hmm, so it’s not just me…

    thanks erin!

  • thanks jessica! i’m glad my arms aren’t an anomaly. 😉

  • awesome! i can’t wait to see it.


  • haha, love it! i’m flattered. 😉 you should def make it!

  • it feels so nice! thanks!

  • i had it since it was released, too, and only now got around to sewing it. thanks!

  • That happens to me all the time. I have to see it on a real person. Thanks Stephanie!

  • why thank you! 😉

  • thanks so much, btw, love your name. 😉

  • aww, that’s really sweet. thanks girl!

  • thank you! 🙂

  • crystalpleats

    Awww, I wanted to make a Hazel Easter dress! I didn’t…but you did, and it looks fantastic! Great color combo, too. I was thinking of tangerine and pale pink.

  • sallieforrer

    Love this dress! I really love the Hazel, it’s one of my favorite Victory’s! And your color combo here is perfection!

  • Donna Hensley

    That is gorgeous!!

  • Absolutely adorable, the bow looks great in navy!

  • !! tangerine and pale pink! love that idea! you should totally do that 🙂

  • thanks sallie, you’ve got great style so if you like it, it must be good. 😉

  • meredith powers

    This dress is gorgeous! I love the colors you went with, and I actually prefer the way you did your bow in navy instead of the bodice color! Sometimes it’s so nice to do simple projects, and it’s like doubly rewarding to end up with something so nice as a cool silk dress!

  • This is gorgeous! I’ve been eyeing up this pattern for ages now and I think you’re just persuaded me to go for it! Coral and navy is one of my favourite colour combinations too – so much so that my wedding dress was coral and navy!

  • I’m a bit late, but this is spectacular. Now I want one too!

  • Allie Massey

    This is spectacular– I love the colors, I may have to copy you. I have been ogling this pattern for ages but I’m scared of silks. Think I’ll have to conquer my fears 🙂

  • Alice BERANGER

    I love the way you made it! I have just bought this pattern and I was trying to see the result and found your pictures. It really suits you very well and I will keep the idea of making the bow with a different color.

  • Thanks Alice! I hope you can make yours soon!