Vogue 1247 version 2.0


The Goal: This shirt was rather unintentional. It began as another top, a way too big top that wasn’t working for me in both fit and drape so rather than set the project aside to become a UFO like I knew it would I decided to salvage it immediately into something else and avoid its otherwise sad fate.


The Pattern: I scrounged through my pattern collection to find something that would work with the already cut out pieces and this one (Vogue 1247) fit the bill. I made this shirt over a year ago in a size 10. It was still pretty big then and only got bigger as I lost a little more weight. The thing barely stays on my shoulders now. 🙁 For this version I cut a size 6, the smallest in the package. I normally cut a 12 in Vogue so that shows how large this pattern design is.


The Fabric: It’s a cotton voile from Amy Butler’s new line of apparel fabrics that I bought locally at Remnants. This stuff is super soft and the print is so nice that I had a hard time figuring out which side was the right or wrong side. So hard in fact that I accidentally sewed the back of the shirt the wrong side out so my pleats go in different directions at the shoulders.


The Changes: Since I had to squeeze out this shirt out of and existing half-finished top I had to sew the side seams narrower than on the pattern, which turned out fine because this top is already really oversized.


I also cut almost three inches off the end of the sleeves. They’re originally really long. And now I’m just realizing I cut the back on the fold instead of in two pieces, which I guess doesn’t matter because the center back seam is straight…

I serged all the seams instead of doing French seams like the pattern says ’cause I’m too lazy to mess with that. And I didn’t bother following the directions for the neckline either so, whatevs…


The smaller size makes the v-neck a little less deep but the neckline is still pretty wide so I added my fave feature – bra strap holders!! Those things are the beeeeesssssstttttt!


The Result: For a shirt that two days ago I hadn’t even planned on making I’m pretty satisfied. The narrower sides give a slightly sleeker fit and I like the shorter sleeves better and I love this fabric.


And best of all I saved a sewing-fail from the death heap! Dixie FTW!

  • Great save! Love this fabric. WhenOHwhen will I ever make this top? Love the design so much. But now it’s well back in the queue, behind the Archer, the Laurel, Cordova, etc etc etc… 🙂

  • Great fit! This looks like the perfect spring top. It looks fantastic with jeans, and I bet it would look wonderful with a skirt as well.

  • sallieforrer

    The fit is great!! That top is definitely oversized, and I like how this version makes it a bit sleeker. Also, a brilliant save. And as a complete aside, your hair is looking super cute in these pictures – you’ve got me eyeing my scissors…

  • asewingodyssey.blogspot.co.uk

    Gosh, I love this so much! I’ve been tempted by this pattern so many times, but now that I’ve seen your ‘slimmed’ down version…I must have it! I adore the print of yours too…divine!!!

  • Such a great top, your fabric just screams springtime! I really like the front details on this top, but it always seemed SO big. Your more fitted version is perfect!

  • Coco

    Nice and fresh. and you have lost weight!

  • Great save! It looks fantastic on you and very springy!

  • Great fabric! You must be stoked it didn’t go to waste!

  • Emily

    Great save and the print is very cute. Phew.

  • Nothy

    I love the fabric. Nice save on the top…it looks great.

  • Stephanie

    Cute!! Thanks for all of the fitting tips.

  • joelle.stlaurent

    such wonderful fabric! and clever, clever you for thinking of bra-straps holder…

  • What a gorgeous top I love it!! I have this one in my stash and always pass it but obviously its a pretty easy one to do up then! It looks so pretty on you! 🙂

  • Cute! I love this! What a great print! I’m so glad you were able to think outside the box and come up with this top! Looks like somebody’s got her sewjo back, haha!

  • thanks! i like that term – sewjo, i’m gonna have to start using it. 😉

  • thanks erin! it’s got a number of pieces to it but it’s nothing too complicated so it’s an easy shirt to assemble. 🙂

  • thanks, the bra-strap holder things are a life saver. otherwise i’d be constantly paranoid about my shirt slipping off my shoulders.

  • yeah, i’m glad i salvaged it. but it just goes to show – make a muslin first so you don’t waste your nice fabric! i need to remember my own advice. 😉

  • why, thank you very much! 😉

  • thanks! i know you’d make a pretty awesome version, too. 😉

  • thanks kelly, it is very spring-y. i think it’s a cherry blossom print.

  • thank you sallie! i took your advice and cut the smallest size in the package. and thanks about the hair, i just got it cut and it’s pretty refreshing to have shorter hair again.

  • thanks michelle, i was planning on making the skirt from this same pattern, too, easily coordinating.

  • ugh, i know, if it wasn’t for the failure this thing would never have been made. nothing like an emergency to put a project at the front of the line! 🙂

  • Amy

    I just bought this! Loved your last one but this is my favourite. I thought it would look better in a plain colour to show off the detail but you can still really see in this one. Can’t wait !

  • Yay for sewing mojo return! This is seriously such an awesome pattern… I would have bought it about 5 times over already were it not that shapeless things don’t work on me. But it works SO well on you. I’m totally loving it!

  • So glad you salvaged the fabric–it’s so pretty!

  • thanks poppykettle, if you like the design of the pattern there are lots of ways to make it more shaped – there’s a back seam you can adjust and the sides, and of course, you can always make a really small size ’cause the design is so big. i think it would look cute on you!

  • thanks amy! i like this new one a lot, too. i think it depends on the print you use, ya know?

  • thanks!