The Unmentionable(s) Post

Ok, I cleaned up my sewing space for the most part. It’s at least usable now but I think I’m overdue for a supply overhaul. And with that I was able to do a little sewing work!

Thanks again to all the kind responses on the last post, I probably can’t get around to replying to every comment but know that I appreciate the advice which all seemed to come from personal experience. 😉 I even had a friend offer to come over and help me clean and another friend set up a sewing “play date” in hopes of getting my mojo back. 😉 You all made me feel a little less grumpy about my sewing funk.

Amerson Undies

So here is what I finished – first up the Amerson Undies by Madalynne.

Once I finished them I really liked them (you know, after I got new elastic…). The elastic makes a cute ruffle effect that you can’t fully see from this busy print.

I’ve heard comments that ruffled woven undies might not work under a lot of clothes but actually these undies aren’t that ruffled. It’s more of a cute ruffle edge effect at the waist and leg openings but other than that these undies really aren’t very bulky at all. I’d totally wear these with shorts or jeans or dresses, maybe not with a clingy knit dress but these aren’t just “lounge” undies!

Amerson Undies

I made these with leftover rayon challis (stash busting!) which I should have starched. It was slippery when cutting out and shifty when trying to attach the elastic. Next time I’ll use a cotton voile for a nice lightweight summer pair (easier to work with) and can you imagine some cozy flannel undies??

Rosy Ladyshorts

The next undies I made were Cloth Habit’s Rosy Ladyshorts (both these patterns are free, ya!).

Both used leftover jersey (even more stash busting!) and some elastic and stretch lace I bought locally. Unfortunately only one of my stretch laces was long enough to accommodate at least two leg openings (I wouldn’t mind mixing and matching lace but two different colored legs would be too much) so my second pair used some more narrow lace-style lingerie elastic.

On the first pair with the blue lace I thought the scallops would look too weird at the waist so I stitched the lace upside down – bad idea, it just flips up when I wear it (I realise I could just stitch it down but I’m too lazy to go back and do it). It’s ok ’cause it looks fine, not that anyone would see to notice…

If I were to make these again using the more narrow elastic (these shorts are designed to be all lace or knit with lace edging) I’d add a little more coverage in the back, ahem… but that’s only if I didn’t have any stretch lace trim.

In either case they both turned out great! Fit really well, very comfy, easy to whip together and how cute is using lace trim?

I hope that finishing these small projects will help me get back into a creative mood. 😉

  • All very pretty little things! Glad the mojo is returning!

  • Am I the first to comment on my own pattern! Eek! I’ve been thinking about you lately and how you are doing. Everyone gets in a sewing funk and some people eat cake or pizza to resolve the issues but you… you make undies!

    • thanks maddie! i’d say i’ve both made undies and eaten pizza to feel better, luckily only the sewing made it onto the blog. 😉

  • So cute… I tried to comment on the lack of sewjo but wasn’t working. I’m so glad you are slowing getting back. We miss u x

    • aww, thanks girl!

  • Sewing undies is a super terrific way to get some instant gratification and help pull you from a bit of a sewing funk (it helps me when I don’t know what to do… and I’ve been sewing a fair amount of undies lately.)
    And thanks for the review of the Amerson undies… I’ve been on the fence with making these thinking they’d be too full and not very wearable, although adorable maybe under pajamas only. I might have to give it a try after all.

    • thanks kathy! give the amerson’s a shot, they’re so easy that making a pair out of some scraps would take no time and you can see if you like ’em. 🙂

  • very nice 🙂 I find it’s good to start small when the mojo is moot. Those amerson’s really are gorgeous!!

    • why thank you! i love that fabric’s print.

  • Is it inappropriate of my to say how pretty your pants are? Because they’re truly lovely!

    • haha, totally not inappropriate in this context. 😉 thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes we just need to clear our brains and working areas to retrieve that mojo! Glad your sewing mojo is returning!

    You unmentionable are lovely!


  • Super cute! Glad you are getting your mojo back!

  • These are adorable! Love the prints and laces you used!

  • How pretty! Glad you’re starting to feel better about sewing again 🙂 Interesting that the Amerson can be worn under jeans and everything, I didn’t expect that.

  • Lovely! I really like your fabrics! I’ll have to try the Amerson undies sometime soon, too. Not sure I have some light enough fabric though… Jersey undies are my favorite scrap busting project!

  • Angela So

    Those are fun! I’ve downloaded both of those patterns and need to get to them at some point. Where did you pick up the lace trim in Austin?

  • Texstyles! They’ve got tons of lace.