Velvet Grainline Scout Tee


Ok, I think the technical term for velvet made from cotton is velveteen but that just doesn’t seem as cool as velvet so I’m gonna go with that. Just say it – veeeeeeeelveeeeeeet. It just sounds fancy!

By the way, this since black fabric is notoriously hard to photograph I lightened these pics a bunch, so no, I am not that pale, but I am close…


The Goal: I just had this urge to make something out of velvet. Maybe because I think it’s kind of festive for winter? Or maybe because in the beginning of this year I set a goal to sew more solid color tops to go with a wider variety of bottoms. But as most of us have experienced, prints are just so much fun that solids are a little boring. I think the texture and shine from the velvet pile satisfies my need for “fun.”

The Pattern: The excellent Grainline Studio’s Scout Tee. You can see my first version where I go into more depth about why I really like this pattern.


The Fabric: Cotton velvet(een) bought locally at The Common Thread (also where these pics were taken!)

So, having never worked with any kind of velvet before I was pleasently surprised with how easy it was. I read that silk and rayon velvets are much more finiky. This cotton velvet was easy to cut even with all the fuzzy bits flying everywhere. I used a walking foot to sew because I worried that the thick pile would make it difficult for the top layer of fabric to glide under a regular foot. That worked great!

I think the best part of this fabric is that it is totally machine washable. Some fancy silk velvets are dry clean only. It does get wrinkly, though. I just lightly iron it on the wrong side to smooth it out.

The Changes: None. For real. I made a straight size four.


The Results: I loooove velvet! I want velvet everything now – shorts, jackets, dresses, pants, coats, non-stop velvet all the time! I think I may have found a new sewing obsession.

If you’re wondering if the velvet is too stiff or heavy or hot to wear as a t-shirt, it’s not. It’s a very comfortable top and this pattern works well with this not-very-drapey fabric. I love that I can wear this top in the day with some jeans or dress it up at night or for a party with a cute skirt. I’ve already worn it multiple times this week. SO MUCH VELVET!!!!!!!!! Ok, that’s enough excitement for today.

BTW, thanks for all the nice comments on my post yesterday. I think I’m gonna have fun writing up that series of posts.
  • Sue

    Ooohh, I’m loving velvet right now! This looks truly adorable, and really seems versatile (like you said). Yay!

    • thanks sue! velvet for the win!

  • I’ve watched too much tv in my life… All I can think of is George Costanza saying: “I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.”
    Super terrific shirt! Awesome use of velvet to make a totally wearable top.

    • lol, that makes me think of “i don’t want to be a pirate!!”

      thanks kathy!

  • Kieran

    I love it! I just made my first scout tee, and I love love love it! A velvet version might have to be in the works for next winter!

    • that shirt is addictive. i have a friend who has made four, all very different versions from the same basic pattern.

  • So festive! I love it!

  • What a super idea to try velvet for a T-shirt! Very creative indeed…J

  • awesome, I’ve had my eye on some sparkly velvet for a similar top or dress, I love how yours came out!

  • Pretty! I love the contrast of fancy (fabric) vs. casual (tee shirt).

  • This is kind of off topic but did you see the gown Miss America wore last night? It had a velvet bodice. The dress was a little scandalous but it was a knock out!

    Okay, back to your velvet top. It looks great! It got me thinking – what if I made some undies with velvet (stretch of course)

    • omg, yeah! i didn’t watch the whole show, it was on mute but i did walk by the tv and go – whoa! fuschia velvet with long sleeves and a chiffon layered big skirt! yeah, it was a little low cut but compared to all the other semi-bland wedding-type gowns i was blown away. i’d totally rock that! you know, if i had a place where something like that.

      i’ve never used stretch velvet but i imagine undies made from it would be festive and sexy 😉

  • Really adorable! This thing is screaming for one of those crazy sparkly bib necklaces (but is obviously awesome w/ just a pair of jeans). I, for one love the word velveteen. It reminds me of The Velveteen Rabbit.

    • YES! bib necklace!! or maybe a detachable collar.

      aww, i liked the velveteen rabbit. fond memories…

  • This is so cute! What a great idea to use an unusual fabric in a basic silhouette! And that’s got me thinking… I think I’m about due for a new Scout Tee!

  • This looks fab and is quite the winter treat to wear, I imagine. Love it!

  • Amy

    This is cute. I think I want to make a million of these for next summer. I like velvet too. (Stretch velvet leggings… so soft.)

  • I love velveteen but never tried to sew.. Sound exciting.. Great top x

  • This is perfect, and bonus festive-ness! I’ve already made 3 Scout tees, it is such a more-ish pattern. I had promised myself no ore versions but the velvet is excellent…Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in!

  • Oh I like this T and I didn’t realise cotton velvet was available. The only velveteen I’ve seen here in NZ is synthetic stuff – not nice. And cotton wouldn’t be hot either ….. hmmmm you’re making me think!

    PS very interesting post about pattern drafting etc.

  • Oh, now you’ve gone and done it! I’m already crazy for this pattern (have a bunch) and now I need velvet!! Love the top.