Texas State String Art

Texas String Art

It is my experience that if ever you have a good idea, someone else has already done it. Coughsuzannecough. Ok, well, I may have had the idea but seeing hers gave me the motivation to do make it myself.

Texas String Art

The idea is simple – take a board, I used particle board (it doesn’t warp like plywood can) which they sell in pre-cut 2 ft by 2 ft squares at big box home improvement stores; spray paint it; pick a shape, I printed out the shape of Texas across 6 printer paper pages and taped them together and cut it out; tape the shape to the board and use finishing nails to create an outline of the shape; take out the paper and run string back and forth all over the shape, I used thin crochet thread.

Texas String Art

I would have added a heart on Austin like Suzanne did on her Wisconsin but Texas is a weird shape and wouldn’t work well with trying to pull string in one direction from the edges. I just make a hot mess of string instead.

Texas String Art

It’s cute! And it sits on my mantle which is nice ’cause I didn’t want to have to add a wire on the back to hang it. (that’s my sparkly garland leftover from Christmas)

Texas String Art
  • Loving the string art! We used to make this in primary school art class and I always loved bringing it home to show off. Looks fab on your mantle 🙂 Have a lovely new year!

    • thanks! there are a lot of primary school crafts i’ve seen on pinterest. it’s like arts and crafts chic!

  • So clever.. X

  • Sue

    really cute! I might have to try this.

  • I love it 😉

  • Have to make one of Michigan!

    • Michigan has a great shape!

  • so cute! i loved suzanne’s and i love yours too!

  • This is so cute! And hey, great minds think alike!

  • Amy

    A true Texan! Having the state on the mantle. 😉 This is a cool idea… I wonder how it would look with portrait silhouettes. I have a bunch of particle board…

    • i’ve seen people do this with words in cursive. silhouettes would be cool, too. you could even get really creative and do full portraits with different colors for hair and skin and eyes and whatnot.

  • It’s a bit lovely – I like it!

  • It looks awesome! I love the criss criss effect with your string. I was totally inspired by Suzanne too, but haven’t tried it yet. Very cool!

  • I love your string art! It looks really cool how your string criss-crosses every which way for a denser look. If I can get my hands on more wood, I want to try this again, but with some other (non-state) shape.

  • Anonymous

    How were you able to print out the shape of Texas over 6 pages?! I want to do this project, but can’t figure it out!!!

    • hey, i used photoshop to blow up the shape to 2ft by 2ft and cut the shape into six pieces that would fit on a printer paper and printed them individually. kind of complicated but that was the easiest way i could figure it out.

  • String art! Very cool! Oh and I love the idea of doing silhouettes!