Quick note

Hey all, just a quick note about what’s going on over on the blog. I’m having major computer issues lately. So much so that I need a replacement (which I’ve ordered and should soon be shipped).

In the mean time – sketchy computer that doesn’t want to turn on means no picture editing, no posting, and worse, no pattern launching.

So I’m not MIA but my computer is and iPhone blogging isn’t what it could be. But that does mean that when I’m back in action I’ll have plenty of projects to share!

Thanks for sticking around! You’re the best!

  • Glad you’ll be back soon! 🙂 I’ve had major computer issues lately too. Best of luck! Can’t wait to see the new pattern. 🙂

  • Thanks for the check-in! Good luck on your computer!

  • Hurry up computer!!! I need my Dixie DIY Fix

  • I agree that iPhone blogging is not so great! Good luck with your new ‘puter.

  • Look forward to seeing you again!

  • Funny how life just stops when computer of Internet stop working. How did we ever dealt with life before??! Good to know you’ll be back soon, I’ve missed you!

  • The internet is not the same without you….hurry back please!