McCalls 6331


I told ya I’d be back with more! I wasn’t kidding. I’ve been busy with sewing during my unintended internet sabbatical.


The Goal: After doing a lot of pattern drafting I was looking for some instant gratification so I went for a regular ol’ pattern. And I wanted to use up some of my stash and a pattern I hadn’t made before.


The Pattern: McCalls 6331 is one of those Generation Next series of patterns by hot new designers or something like that. Anyway, I liked versions B and C but was too lazy to do all the piecing involved with C so I went with B. 😉

One of the problems with losing weight is that I no longer have my go-to size. So I went with a 12 because I had success with that size before and while it fits in the waist the bust is a little too big. I might be able to get away with a 12 in a dress with a high neckline and sleeves but something this fitted I probably need to make a 10. Lesson learned!


The Fabric: Some floral cotton voile that I bought at the common thread and some dark navy blue leftover in my stash. I think it’s a linen blend. The navy is used for the lining of the bodice so that the folded part shows the lining.


The Changes: I did a rolled hem on the bottom scallops with black thread. I just got the rolled hem throat plate for my serger (mine needs a different plate and my hand-me-down serger must have lost it at some point) so I was excited to try it out. I don’t remember what the pattern wanted you to do for the hem… maybe use bias tape as a facing or make a hem facing…


I also added lingerie snaps on the dress straps to keep those pesky bra straps from drooping. I used tiny metal snaps stitched to a short length of serger thread chain. Best idea ever!


The Results: I’m breaking my own rules (well, they’re more like guidelines, anyway) by making a sleeveless dress and while it’s a cute dress I think I’m realizing why I don’t like sleeveless. I hate feeling like I’m constantly worried if my bra-straps are showing and making adjustments. I do think it’s really cute and I’ve worn it a couple times in different situations so far but we’ll see how much I wear it in the future.

  • Wow, it’s really nice. I love the rolled hem. I can’t imagine that you won’t wear that dress, it looks great on you!

    • Aww, thank you Nothy!

  • Couldn’t agree more on your best idea ever for those bra-strap-keeper-in-placer mechanism. I’m so totally stealing that! I’m also totally jealous that you’re wearing a super lovely summery dress when I’m still wearing scarves and thermal tops. Brrr! It’s a gorgeous dress – looks great!

    • I wish I could wear scarves and winter wear! I live in perpetual summer. I miss seasons. But thank you 😉 Spring is almost here for you!!!

  • cute dress! i really like the wide scalloped hem. good call on the lingerie snaps, by the time i make it to the finishe line i just don’t have the patience to add those little touches!

    • Ugh, I knew that I’d have to take the time and do the snaps after I wore it once before I added them and got so frustrated with slipping straps. I’m usually too lazy to do stuff like that after the dress is finished but this time it was necessary. 🙂 Thanks Lisa!

  • Meg

    I haven’t been a huge fan of the scalloped hem on tighter-fitting pencil or a-line skirts, but I absolutely love it when it’s folded into the draping like that! beautiful dress

    • I like the scallops, too. You almost can’t even tell they’re scallops with the pleating, either, it just has a cool varied length hem effect. Thanks Meg!

  • You are adorable! I really like this dress. I like the rolled hem, that was a great idea…I wonder if my serger can do that? I’m quite partial to view C. I wonder if I could sew this dress for my class. Hmmm… You’ve definitely inspired me!

    • I think most sergers can do a rolled hem. I had to read my manual to get my machine all set up for it but then it worked great. Thanks Kara!!

  • Yes! Excellent idea on the bra-strap retainer. I am stealing that too :).

    I also find bra straps are so annoying, It really does narrow your choice of dresses when you need to wear a proper bra and I always do. The first thing I consider when looking at a pattern is can I wear a bra with it and will it hide my bra?!

    I think the dress is really cute, It would be a shame not to wear it.

    • Thanks, and I agree about the bra strap thing. I really hate strapless bras (they never make the girls look good like a regular bra and they never stay up) so I definitely make and buy clothes based on how bra-friendly they are.

  • I really enjoy the pattern and colours you chose. Looks like a great twirling dress. 🙂

    • Thank you, yes, it’s great for twirling. 🙂

  • I absolutely loves this on you, it’s so cute! Makes me tempted to get that pattern…

    • Thank you Marie. You should totally get it!

  • Love the autumnal palette! I bought this pattern during the last sale and I’m happy to see the dress turns out so sweet. I’m curious if the romper is as adorbs….

    • Thanks! I love the look of the romper on the envelope and pattern review has a bunch of cute rompers, I just don’t know if a romper would be my style, ya know? I’ve never owned nor wore one…

  • This dress is gorgeous – I know what my next pattern purchase will be!

  • I love the dress and your Pirates of the Caribbean reference!

  • This is really cute, I love the collar detail.

  • What a beautiful dress and you look so lovely!

  • Adorable!

  • LOVE the bra strap hider detail! The fabric and scalloped hem are beautiful too.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for some of those inter-bloggy awards over on my new work blog – – spread the love! x

    • Wow, awesome, thanks!!

  • I just discovered that a summer dress I got from Lands’ End has those bra strap holder thingys. I wish I had realized it the other 6 or 7 times I’ve worn it. Beautiful job on your dress, I wish I could sew that well!