Dixie DIY’s Summer Swimsuit Sew-along Pt 8: The Finished Swimsuit!


Thanks everyone for following along on this swimwear journey. I’m finally rewarding you with the finished product!


To recap, in case you haven’t been following along, this is Kwik Sew 3779 Version B and is the second time I made it. The first time the suit turned out to be way too big. This time I chose a size smaller but lengthened the body by 1/2″.


The fabric is from Fabricker here in Austin. It’s a royal blue nylon/lyrca blend that was a dream to sew with. The lining is plain black from Joann. The swim cups came from Sew Sassy.


I’m digging the outcome. This suit fits way better than my last. The shirring looks great and everything feels snug and covered. Now I just need to find a new place to go swimming!

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  • So cute! I’ve saved these posts to return to. I’m definitely making my next suit! Thanks, Dixie!

  • Nice!! is so beauty!

  • classy and sexy! well done!!

  • Thanks Dixie, even though I though I could get it made before uni started I did not but I have saved the tutes for when I do! I’m only three weeks in and already behind! (in uni that is – don’t do extra sessions is what I need to remember next semester!)

    • Thank you! What’s nice about a swimsuit project, I think, is that since most people don’t often go swimming you can slowly work on sewing the suit as you have time. Although, school always takes priority over swimming. 😉

  • That’s a great looking suit! Thank you too for the pointers on the swim cups. I’ve had a hard time understanding quite how they are supposed to work since they flexible and thin.

    • Thank you! I really like those cups because they are so flexible. I’ve worked with other denser and stiffer cups but I think they sometimes look unnatural when wearing.

  • That is adorable and fits you well! Have you tried tubing down the Comal River in New Braunfels? (about 45 minute drive away) It’s super relaxing and fun!

    • Thanks, and, yes I have tubed the river! My fam likes to camp there every year, too. It is fun but the past two years with the drought parts of the river are so low you’re just maneuvering over rocks. Not as relaxing when you’re scraping your bum!

  • What a fabulous looking suit! And you look totally cute in it!

  • Love your swimsuit….I gotta try to make my own

  • Carey

    I ended up sewing Kwiksew 3608 with the side cutouts in a shiny charcoal gray- and with your posts had the motivation to get off my butt and try it! I’ve never sewn swimwear before, much less 4 way stretch. With your tips, this was a breeze to put together – and it pretty much fits- could use some alterations next time. I bet making another would go super fast. Now I just have to find somewhere to go swimming!! Thanks so much for this!

    • I made that one, too. It’s one of my faves and it mostly fits but I wish I lengthened the middle just a little bit.

      You should totally make another!! Thanks for reading!!

  • You did a great job on your lovely swimsuit! I have this pattern and am really inspired to actually make it up now. I will also be referring back to your notes – thanks for the tutorials and tips.

    • Thanks! I’m sure yours will turn out fantastic!

  • It looks awesome. It is such a flattering pattern.

  • What a sexy swimsuit! You did an amazing job on this swimsuit and you look great in it!!!

    • Why thank you 😉