I’m in Boston!

Tourist Dress
I’m visiting a friend over the long weekend in Boston and I’m in a new dress!


This dress, which I am dubbing, the Tourist Dress, is a variation on the dress I made last week. This dress has a natural waistline and a slightly longer hem length.

***Hey! This dress now has a multi-size PDF pattern! Go check it out!

The chevron fabric is a poly/rayon sweater knit and it is quite stretchy. I was worried it would stretch too much with the weight of the black jersey skirt but it works perfectly and the dress is awesome for trekking around a big city all day.


I’ll be back next week with more sewing. Being in a different climate is making me want to sew a coat now!

  • Oh girl, that dress is beautiful! I love the colors!!!

  • I love the sweater knit top! I’ve always had my eye on the sweater knits but have yet to work with one.

  • I really love the colors and print of the top portion! It reminds me of a sweater. 🙂

  • thanks meghan! i love the colors, too.

    liza jane, I’ve only worked with sweater knits once before and I made the mistake of not paying attention to my right and wrong sides. and each side is much more noticeable from a far than tight jersey knits… oops.

    suzanne, it is very sweater like which is why it is going to be so good for winter, so comfy!

  • Off topic to dresses but how did you like Boston? I’m from NY so we’re not really as welcome there lol but I think it’s a great historical city. Go there a few times a year to visit family and some friends at that many colleges there. 🙂

  • Sally, the north east in general is a lot different from Texas but I like it. I’m a big history buff so that part is appealing. I also liked how there is such a huge population of young people because of all the universities in the area. I think that made places feel more safe. My friend lives in an old apartment near a T stop. I loved how easy it was to hop on and get around and most of the necessities were within walking or train distance. Since it is a much older city than Austin it is more compact, which is nice. I think I just like the big city life. 🙂

  • Joy

    Adorable dress! I love the sweater knit with the black.