Easy Yellow Shirt – Simplicity 1969

Simplicity 1969

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am a lazy crafter. To add to that I could also say I’m cheap. This shirt is a perfect example of what I mean…

I noticed lately that I haven’t made a dress in a long time and I asked myself “why?” There’s a couple reasons for that. 1) Shirts and skirts are faster to make and 2) shirts and skirts use less fabric than dresses so they cost less!

Simplicity 1969

I found this shirt pattern in the new Sew Simple collection from Simplicity. The designs are all simple enough that they don’t take too much time to make and there is only one design per pattern not several variations so the cost of the patterns are less than $2 each.

Simplicity 1969

The fabric is a voile cotton from the Lisette collection – fabric made to go along with the Lisette pattern collection from Simplicity.

Another sign of my laziness – I love the style of these sleeves. They make easy cap sleeves with a relaxed look and best of all – I don’t have to spend time sewing set in sleeves!

Simplicity 1969

All in all, I love this top! It has fun little pleats in the front and the back shoulder section reaches up and over the shoulder a little bit to meet the pleats. I really like that design idea.

Simplicity 1969

I loved how fast I could make this shirt – only about 2 hours from cutting the pieces to the final stitch. Not bad! I like being able to finish a project before dinner. I really recommend this pattern if you’re looking to build more cute, easy to make shirts into your wardrobe.

  • Eeep love this! Not disimilar to Simplicity 2418


    but I much prefer the front on your pattern. Hmm,can feel some pattern alterations coming on. Thanks for sharing!

  • you’re right! it’s practically the same pattern. but I really like the addition of darts to the front of your shirt. sometimes shirts like this can be too baggy on me.

  • Very nice, cute fabric. Love the pleats – it´s lovely detail.

  • That voile looks wonderful! I love sleeves like that, too. I seem to be making things with these type of sleeves lately. It is so much quicker.

  • I am always super inspired by your sewing choices, so after I saw how great yours turned out, I ran to JoAnn’s after work and got this pattern. I didn’t quite finish it last night – I am still fairly new to sewing – but I am very excited about it! You’re right, the design is so creative. Love love love.

  • thanks ladies!

    melanie – I hope the pattern works well for you! I think it’s a great beginner+ pattern, for someone who has done the basics but wants to work on something easy but more creative.

  • Just wondering how you chose the pattern size? It seems like a lot of ease is built into the pattern.

  • Kate – I made a 12. The big four patterns say I should make a 14 based on my measurements but I always cut a size smaller and that works for me.

  • Thanks for blogging about this pattern. I just bought it today and I wanted to see how a finished version would look. I can’t wait to get started now.