70s Jeans – Vintage Pattern with Modifications

70s Jeans

So I didn’t exactly finish these jeans this weekend like I had hoped. I had to wait until Monday to sew the pockets but I really like them!

70s Jeans

That’s one thing I need to work on – learning to accept that it is ok to leave a project unfinished. It will get done tomorrow, I know, but I still unnecessarily stress over it. But now that they’re done I think these might be quite popular during Me-Made-June!

70s Jeans

I made the jeans with a light colored denim and a vintage 1971 pattern and I used Patty’s tutorial for the front pockets. The inside pocket fabric peeks out a tiny bit at the opening. I used leftover fabric scraps for them from my Kite Day Shirt. I also implemented all the changes mentioned in my muslin post, like making a longer hem and lowering the waist by about and inch and a half.

70s Jeans

I also added some details like top stitching the inside leg seam, extra top stitching on the back pockets, and top stitching the darts. You can’t see the top stitching very well because I used denim colored thread rather than gold thread that many jeans are sewn with. I was worried my mistakes would be too apparent on my first pair of jeans so I went with a safer color.

70s Jeans70s Jeans

Not bad for a first pair of jeans! Now I’m itching to make more jeans – maybe some skinny jeans? Something a little more modern and less vintage. Wow, thinking about it – I don’t ever have to buy jeans again if I really don’t want to. I could just make them!

  • Your jeans turned out wonderfully! I know exactly how you feel about finishing things. I always want to do just one more step even if I know I don’t really have the time. :]

  • Precious! I can’t imagine tackling jeans. Let us know if you find a good pattern for skinny’s!!

  • These are great! I love the higher waist and the pockets are just fabulous. I’ve got to have a go at some jeans soon.

  • Cute!

  • thanks all! I’m glad someone else likes them, too 🙂

    lizajane – actually, I think I remember you posting a pair of high waist wide leg jeans that inspired me to try and make a version of my own. I’m going to have to go back and find that post on your blog again.

  • New follower here. I found you on Burdastyle. I decided this morning I wanted a pretty fabric wallet for summer. Thanks for sharing your pattern. I can’t wait to get started.
    I have a pair of jeans of my hubs’s that I’ve been wanting to take in for me. I’m now thinking this style might work for me!


  • These are lovely, honestly, and well done for sewing them! I’m terrified of trousers, but you have inspired me to dive in!

  • nice jeans, I like the fabric itself, it looks not to thick, suitable for the summer.

  • ruta – thanks, you’re right, the fabric is pretty light which is important because texas summers are brutal!