T-Shirt Mini Dress with Downloadable Pattern!

Guess what I did? I finally got up off my behind and took pictures of this dress! Yeah, so I finished this dress last week but for one reason or another I kept procrastinating about photo taking. But I’m glad I did because I really kind of love how this dress turned out.

I made the dress from this awesome brown striped knit fabric and was immediately inspired. I wanted a simple jersey mini dress that I could dress up or down. Originally I tried long sleeves but I like the 3/4 length better. I love the big scoop neck. You could wear a lacy cami and have the lace peep out from the top. You could also wear it with or without a belt.

The pattern is so simple. The possibilities are endless.

Other ideas for this pattern using easy changes –

  • Shorten the sleeves and make it cap sleeved
  • Lengthen the hem and make it a maxi dress
  • Or shorten the hem and make it a regular t-shirt
  • Change the neckline from scoop neck to boat neck or v-neck
  • Add elastic for instant cinched waist
  • Make it in a soft fabric and make it a nightgown
  • Make it in a sparkly metallic fabric for a night out on the town dress

Click here to Download the Pattern PDF. Remember to print without scaling and to match up each page with the corresponding notches. Also this pattern is made for knit fabrics. Wovens won’t work as well in this application. And as usual I included the finished garment measurements rather than body measurements for sizing. I always find it easier to pick a good size based on the finished product.

If you make this pattern please leave comments, pics, advice, anything. I appreciate all your feedback as I try to learn to make better patterns to share.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so very much for sharing! It looks great and I am looking forward to trying it out! Thank you again!

  • Dixie! That looks so cute on you 😀

  • I love how this dress is comfy AND sexy at the same time! I want to try this pattern with some cute knit fabric, but my experience with knits hasn’t been great so far 🙁

  • Daisyanne

    I just used your T shirt mini dress pattern to create a top. Such an easy pattern to adapt and very well thought out by you. Thanks. Would like to show you finished top.But don’t know how to add it to comment? Thank you for a wonderful pattern.

  • Hi Dixie.

    I linked to your patterns on my blog:


    Thanks so much for the patterns! I still love to work with them. From the t-shirt-dress-pattern, I’ve made 3 dresses and two shirts 🙂

  • Love!!!

  • This is awesome! I just pinned it on Pinterest. 🙂

  • This is a great dress. I’m totally going to make this!

  • This looks awesome! I have pinned it and am now on the lookout for fabric!