One Shoulder Knit Dress with Downloadable Pattern!

This pattern was so easy I finished it in about 2 days. I would have finished it sooner were I not so lazy and easily distracted. And I would have posted it yesterday but I waited too long to take pictures.

This is a one shoulder dress that hits at the knee made with a lovely purple super soft organic jersey. Inside the bodice is elastic at the top to keep everything in place. Also, because the front and the back are identical you can wear the dress on either shoulder.

I love knit fabrics because they don’t require darts or zippers and the garments are so comfy. Seriously, if you’ve ever been too afraid to work with knit you should try it. It will change your sewing life forever!

Click to Download the PDF Pattern. You will then print out all the pieces and tape them together matching notches. Make sure you print WITHOUT scaling. Included is a 4in x 4in test square to make sure and there is also a little diagram of what the pieces should look like when taped together. Then cut out your size. I listed the finished garment size and you should choose the size that is closest to your body measurements. Unlike woven fabrics you don’t have to add much ease with knits as the knit will stretch to fit your curves. I used the medium size.

Tip: I found this amazing post about many different ways to get a pattern to fit you just right. From short waists to wide shoulders to a large bust to big armholes (that’s my issue!) – you can use the tips to fix so many little fitting issues. It is written mainly for woven fabrics but many points are usable for knits as well. Very helpful!

Note: For the elastic I have included some rough measurements. However you should really measure the elastic against your body to be sure it isn’t too tight or too loose. Wrap the elastic from under your arm, over your shoulder, and back. Where the elastic meets add an inch for overlap when you sew the ends together and there you have your amount. It should be close to the guidelines listed on the pattern.

The Pattern includes these instructions but not the pictures. The photos might be helpful when you make the dress so be sure to look them over.

Tip: I used a serger for this dress along with a stretch stitch on my sewing machine for the hem and bodice . A zig zag stitch on your machine is a perfect alternative.

1. You have cut four pieces for the Bodice. One set of two corresponding pieces will be the Inside and the other set the Outside.

2. Right sides facing stitch the two pieces of the Inside. together at the shoulders. Do the same for the Outside pieces. To help reinforce the shoulder you can sew Stay Tape into the seam. The stay tape will help keep the seam from stretching.

3. Pair the Inside and Outside together, right sides facing, matching shoulder seam and raw edges. Pin together.

Stitch pieces together along the chest/back edge and along the armhole.

(one side pinned)

(one side sewn and the fabric flat. you can see the shoulder and the sewn side seam in the middle.)

4. Pin side seams of bodice together with right sides of Outside facing and right sides of Inside facing.

5. Turn bodice right side out. Press down chest/back and armhole seams.

6. Insert elastic through the side up along the chest/back seam, through the shoulder and back to the other side. Overlap the two ends of the elastic 1/2 inch and stitch together.

7. The elastic will sit along the chest/back seam. To enclose the elastic stitch 3/4 in away from the edge of the chest/back seam.

8. For the Skirt match up raw edges of the two skirt pieces and stitch up both sides.

Gather along the top edge of the skirt. Note: This skirt is very lightly gathered – like hardly any gathering at all. You’ll notice this when you attach it to the bodice.

Matching side seams pin together the bottom of the bodice and the top of the skirt with right sides facing. Stitch.

Hem the bottom of the skirt.

And finished!

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, please send me an email or leave a comment. As always I’m trying to improve my pattern making.

  • A total triumph!

  • Looks great on you! I wish I could wear one shouldered/strapless things 🙁

  • kim

    super cute! i love how helpful your kitty is!

  • Mez

    Hi Dixie love this dress have just finished making it to wear out tonight thank you for allowing me to use the pattern will post a photo

  • Mez, glad it turned out well. Can’t wait to see the pic!

  • Hola Dixie, me encantó tu vestido! Descargué tu patrón de Burda Style y lo realice con algunas diferencias. Quiero darte las gracias por compartirlo. Soy de Argentina y como verás tu molde da vueltas por el mundo entero!! jaja.
    No se cómo subir una foto pero en cuanto aprenda te la envio. XOXO

  • I am so happy I found this tutorial! I found your pattern on burda and not being a very good seamstress I got lost at steps 5 and 6! Now I understand! I am going to feature the dress when I am done sewing it on my blog (with all credit going to you) and I will let you know so you can come see the post!

  • I have just used this pattern to make myself a fancy dress costume. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. I have put a picture of the finished article on Burda and will put another on my blog when I’ve made my husband’s costume.

  • kailee

    can the jersey be sewn on a normal machine?

  • Kailee – yep, just use a zig zag stitch, or if you machine has one – a stretch stitch.

  • Annabell

    I really liked to make this wonderful dress! Thank you for the idea! It was not too difficult, and I think this is “a must have”. 🙂 (If you want I can send picture about my dress :-))
    I wish you the best!

  • laurajane28

    Just about to start sewing this dress. 🙂 Yikes. I’m a bit nervous because I don’t have any stay tape but we will see how it turns out!!

  • laurajane28

    Just finished this last night in a flowery blue jersey. It is amazing! Thank you for the pattern :-)I will be wearing it tomorrow for the weekend.

  • I found your pattern on burda and decided I had to try it. Im just starting out making my own clothes, and up to now have just restyled store-bought items, and so wanted something easy without buttons or zips or other fastenings (which are something of a stumbling block for me). I bought my fabric (light and dark purple zebra stripe! *happy dance!*) at JoAnns’ 4th of July sale but haven’t plucked up the courage to start cutting yet. Tomorrow is set aside for crafting as Im home alone. I shall post pics on burda if it turns out sucessfully!

  • Anonymous

    I am making this amazing dress! Everything is going great, except I’m confused on the top portion where it says one side pinned. I’m totally confused! I’ve sewed it already wrong and have to take it apart. Is there anyone who could provide clarification on the top portion? I get that the 4 pieces need to be sewn together at the arm and back/chest, but I’m lost after that.

  • DeY

    Hi Dixie
    I just published my version of your dress.
    I remember reading somewhere that you would like to receive photos of the work done to your patterns, well I hope you like mine! 🙂

  • Hello!

    I know this is an old post, but I love this dress. I made it as my Valentines/Easter dress, walked my sister thru making it as her 8th grade dance dress, decided I’m going to use it as my bridesmaids dresses when I get married and I’m about to make a black lace version as a new LBD.
    Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful pattern and allowing us to use it freely!

  • I made it a year ago but I’m finally, as promised, getting around to posting a link to pictures of the finished item. Thanks for an amazing pattern!

    • Hey, thanks! I’m glad you liked the pattern. It looks amazing as a maxi! 🙂

  • Hi Dixie, I made a dress with your pattern and posted it on my blog. I really enjoyed making it and thank you for the tutorial!