Lace Top T-Shirt

This is another one of those “I finished it last week but never took pictures of it” projects.

It is a gray t-shirt with pretty black lace over the upper part and I used some black bias binding to cover the raw edges of the lace. I like the contrast of the gray and black but I think it would also look nice in one solid color.

One thing I was worried about was the strength of the lace so I decided to reinforce the shoulder seam with some Stay Tape but the tape is white so it is ever so slightly visible when you look close. I wonder if they make Stay Tape in Black? But at least it works.

I plan on making a little pattern for this. The great thing is you could even use an existing t-shirt and just chop off the sleeves and top and just sew some lace on instead.

  • Really cute, I love that lace is in style right now.

  • This shirt is so cute. Do you have a tutorial for this shirt??

  • Adlyn, I’m working on a tutorial soon!

  • laurajane

    This is so pretty!

  • I just can’t believe how beautiful you look in this shirt! I’ve just made a white one. For the lacy part I used the top of your loose fit knit top-pattern and sewed it onto a bought t-shirt. Tomorrow I will take some pictures of it and show it to you.