Two Piece Tunic Downloadable Pattern!!!

Good news! I finally reinstalled Adobe Illustrator so I could start making patterns again. Long story but I had to delete it in an attempt to get another program to work, ugh!

So now I can present to you the quick and easy pattern for my Two Piece Tunic! It is called that because the whole thing is only two pieces which makes it a fairly easy pattern to draw and then sew.

You can view the original post about that top if you want.

Cutting and sewing time on this shirt is easily less than 2 hrs.

All the measurements in the pattern are in inches and centimeters and the sizes are based on finished garment measurements so you can decide how loose or fitted you want the shirt. I like to know finished garment sizes because for mass produced patterns the finished size is always so much bigger than your own body measurements. It can be annoying when you wind up with a huge shirt after hours of sewing!

Another note – for my shirt I used a border print striped fabric and with the front piece I went against the grain line. So on the back and shoulder the stripes are vertical and in the front they are horizontal. Obviously my cutting pattern and the amount of fabric I used was far different from the cutting pattern shown in the PDF. If you want to make your shirt similar to mine, adjust accordingly.

Download the pattern and instructions in one PDF. When you print make sure you do not scale the pages. There is a test square to measure just in case. Line up all the pages matching letter or number notches. Included is a little diagram on one of the pages as a guide.

I have another pattern I need to make. Now if only I can find the paper pieces I made that are stashed in a Ziplock somewhere….

  • How exciting! I’m gonna add this to my queue of sewing projects! The top looks great on you. Thanks for sharing your hard work here.

  • Hope you don’t mind, but i think this is so fab that I’ve reblogged this to let people know. Please feel free to check out the post and if there’s anything you don’t like, let me know and I’ll change/remove it.

  • wow, thanks so much, you’re awesome! oh, and tell me if you have any questions about the pattern or the instructions. Pattern making is still a learning process for me. 🙂

  • Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I want to do this project as soon
    Only one thing, I believe that the extent of
    Test Square 4in x 4in = 10cm x 10cm (not 5) 😉
    Thanks 🙂

  • Aimee

    Dixie, thank you for sharing this pattern. I just completed my top and will post it on Burdastyle tomorrow. I mentioned in my description your blog and that I got the pattern from you. I love my top and the pattern!

  • Jamie

    I completed my top over the weekend; what an awesome construction process! I wore my “wearable muslin” to a party that evening. I have another one cut out and ready to be sewn. Thank you so much for a gorgeous top and a clear concise pattern to follow.